twitter for businessIt’s hard to find a site online that can be timelier than Twitter. The social media site that relies on a mere 140 characters has been performing very well the last few years, with no end in sight to its success. In line with increasingly record-breaking revenues for the company, Twitter has revamped its Twitter for Business site in hopes of drawing even more clients to its ad services.

Twitter for Business Wants You

Agencies and businesses large and small, online and offline, have been using Twitter for years in their online marketing campaigns. Twitter’s attractiveness as an ad platform has been growing steadily, along with its number of users. This is a great trend for Twitter, and for the businesses looking to reach as many people as possible.

With that in mind, Twitter’s Twitter for Business has been given a makeover by Twitter. Visitors are met with the slogan: “Grow your business, 140 characters at a time.” Essentially, the reworked Twitter for Business is an attempt by Twitter to help businesses and agencies “learn the best practices in incorporating Twitter into their marketing efforts” as Emily Price writes on Mashable.

As Twitter grows, making sure they can communicate directly and clearly with those looking to get started or increase their advertising on Twitter is vital to continue that growth. The reworked site is an excellent step in the right direction for Twitter.

What’s New?

Ken Yeung at TheNextWeb has an informative write-up of the changes and info that’s available on the new Twitter for Business site. On the new site businesses and agencies will be able to find “case studies by industry and business size” as well as tools that they can use to help them run their Twitter campaigns.

It looks as if Twitter has made advertising even easier now. Ken writes, “When you first begin the process, Twitter will ask information about your business, very much akin to Google AdWords.” This information (including your business’ location) will then be used to determine a ballpark budget you would need for successful digital marketing.

Twitter wants businesses to be able to jump right into tweeting and advertising so that both sides benefit as soon as possible. It looks like this new Twitter for Business page is vital for generating new ad users and improving the skill and knowledge of those who already use the service.

Run-Up to an IPO?

If you weren’t paying attention to the revenue numbers coming out of Twitter, you’re in for a surprise. According to Brid-Aine Parnell at The Register, “Twitter is all set to tweet its way into billion-dollar revenues in the next two years.” A large portion of these revenues are coming primarily from mobile, too. Changes to its API, this revamp of their Twitter for Business site, and an increased focus on revenue and how successful the company has been could all be signs for a future IPO.

In 2012 Twitter made close to $140 million from mobile ads alone, and is expected to make over $300 million in mobile ad revenue this year. Fast-forward to 2014 and predictions are pegging Twitter’s overall ad revenue to hit $950 million, followed by $1.33 billion in 2015. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty quick climb to a billion. Twitter will only be nine years old in 2015!

It’s probably a wise move to hop on board with Twitter for your business. An account is free, and you can start learning the ropes before jumping into advertising if you haven’t already. The future looks good for Twitter.

How important is Twitter for your marketing efforts? Do you think there will be an IPO in the near future?