REPORT ABUSE2 Twitter Report Abuse Button May Help Spark Personal Safety InnovationBecause of the incident in Britain that involved high profile women being threatened with death or rape, Twitter has introduced a report abuse button on both mobile and web platforms. As well, extra staff are being added in order to deal with reports of abuse from users.

“I personally apologize to the women who have experienced abuse on Twitter and for what they have gone through,” Tony Wang, head of Twitter UK, said in his Twitter feed. ”The abuse they’ve received is simply not acceptable. It’s not acceptable in the real world, and it’s not acceptable on Twitter”

We think there will be increasing pressure from users to have social media platforms take a more active role in prohibiting and responding to abusive posts or tweets. As well, incidents to date have been highly publicized, and this will force social media platforms to be proactive in this area. The outcome could be a considerable amount of innovation in this area.

Protecting Images lets you take pictures, and after applying a filter, the image becomes unrecognizable when it is uploaded to Facebook. The only people who can see a clear image are the ones who have your approval. The platform also deletes the image after a specified period of time.

Protecting Location

It might take a while before social media platforms make it easy to disable where you are though. After all they rely on this information to sell to marketers or as a way to connect friends or other friendlies.

In Facebook you can disable the location information of where you are right under each post. The universal setting for this is in Facebook settings; you want to change the “Messenger location services” option, making sure it is not connected.