headlines image JasonCollins Twitter: Related Headlines Boosts Traffic

Twitter is providing more context to its tweets, by showing something called Related Headlines underneath tweets that have a large audience. The idea is that if someone like Warren Buffet tweets “Warren is in the house”, headlines from Fortune and the Wall Street Journal indicate that Buffet is tweeting for the first time. As well, it’s because the tweet is embedded in the article that the article is showing up in the first place.

You can see these headlines when you click the “details” button on a tweet (if the tweet merits them). The idea is to see the stories behind the tweet, especially when it involves celebrities or sporting events like the Super Bowl. There is also the notion that Twitter becomes more useful, as users spend more time scrolling through their streams to keep ahead of breaking news events.

As Twitter has told its media clients:

“When you embed Tweets in your content, the headline of your article and Twitter account will be surfaced on the Tweet’s permalink page for all to see. We think this will help more people discover the larger story behind the Tweet, drive clicks to your articles, and help grow your audience on Twitter.”

See some interesting examples of this feature on Mashable here.

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