As a company, you should already have a Twitter account, but it is important to remain active on this site as well. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with those who love your product and those who have an issue with your product. To take advantage of Twitter you need to be responding to the good, the bad, and the ugly tweets. Responding to tweets is a great way to show that you care about your customers. Here are several major companies that are actively responding to their customers in a great way! They all have different styles – determine which style is right for your company.

“Fun and quirky”

Netflix is a great example of a company who looks to the funny to deflect negative tweets. If a situation arises, these clever tweets are a great way to show that your company is human and has a personality. People love to laugh, and if the first tweet has a little humor, why not respond with some? Obviously you want to make sure these tweets are not offensive; otherwise it is counter-productive. These kinds of tweets are great occasionally, but if there is a serious problem, address it rather than making a joke about it!

“Thanks for liking us”

Even with all the current media surrounding Chick-fil-A, it is still showing support for positive tweets. When a customer tweets about the food or the employees- @ChickfilA is quick to retweet with a “We hope you enjoy your lunch” or “Thanks”. This is a great way to show that it appreciates the business. The excitement level of these tweets is also positive. Chick-fil-A is showing that they are as excited as you are about its food and service. The recognition of a positive tweet is just as important as dealing with the negative tweets. Don’t neglect those who love your product to defend yourself against those who do not!

“We can help you when they cannot!”

Walmart has a good grasp of following topics that may pertain to them. Even when it is not mentioned in a tweet, Walmart is quick to offer help and services to potential customers. It is really useful to pay attention to these types of tweets because they are a great way to interact with potential new customers and to inform customers of different products. In the tweet to the right, Walmart has offered a solution to a problem that a customer is having with Target. This is a great way to out-smart competitors as well. Don’t be afraid to respond to a tweet that did not directly mention your company!

“Customer service site”

Speaking of Target, this national brand handles customer service questions very well on Twitter. Target has a specific Twitter account set up for questions and complaints. As a follower, you would know that your tweet was being read and there is an expectation for an informed answer. As a company, customer service Twitter accounts are a great way to keep customer service questions organized, and you can see if there is a pattern amongst the complaints/questions to address in the future.

@Comcastcares with Frank Eliason was one of the first customer service accounts. It paved the way for using social media for customer service rather than just marketing. The name signed at the end of the response is also a great way to show that there is a human behind the tweet.

Tweet like the pros! These companies have learned the different techniques for approaching customers online, so make sure you are applying a variety of these practices for your company.

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