Company Tries Changes After 11 Years

Loved and loathed for its decade-plus restrictive adherence to the 140-count, Twitter has announced they’re finally open to ramping up the character count. The company is looking to double the count to 280 per tweet. This is considered to be both a joyous occasion for many and the end of social media as we know it for many others.


Who’s the company flirting with this move?

The company said this is an attempt to target those users who feel restricted by the character count limits by losing up those barriers.

Twitter is widely-regarded as the best social media platform for its ability to deliver up-to-the-minute news. Additionally, Twitter is also the where many of us get our daily and hourly jolt of the news in carefully scripted tweets of 140-counts or less. In fact, Twitter is as important to today’s journalists as the pad and pen where to their journalistic forefathers. So, this announcement is most-likely going to be met with great enthusiasm.

There are also those Twitter “Traditionalist” that will remark that if you can’t get to the point in 140-characters then you shouldn’t be tweeting and instead should be posting on Facebook. They also will argue that tweets will be too long for many of those on Twitter and will become ignored noise on the social media channel. In fact, the current U.S. President generally goes over the character count and he must tweet several times to convey his messages.

This softening of the rigid 140-character count policy is in line with some other notable company changes in recent months as Twitter is no longer counting replies and images toward character counts. This was hailed as pretty big and very welcome news at the time.

In addition to journalists, Twitter has also become the best friend of small business owners because of the platforms ability to connect them to actual consumers. This platform allows you to immediately see the response to news, product updates, promotions and sales posts. Companies that want to grow use Twitter.

Where do you fall in with this news? Do you love it or loathe it?