I want to be able to use DMs in Twitter, but really it’s such a vast wasteland oftwitter-spam spam that it’s practically impossible to do.  While I have a column for my DMs setup in Hootsuite, it’s really just for the rare chance that I may actually catch a legitimate message here and there.  And even that is highly unlikely.

What I fail to understand is that after years of being in existence, how is it that Twitter has failed to deliver absolutely nothing in the form of spam control or filtering for DMs.  It can’t possibly be that difficult.

Some suggested features:

    • Give me some filter options to weed out DMs with links.  That would eliminate at least half of of the spam.
    • How’s about filter options that let me dictate what types of Twitter users can DM me.  Such as # of tweets made, followers, etc.  At least that way I can increase the likelihood of real users DM’ing me.  Not perfect, but a start.
    • Give me the option of only allowing those I follow to DM me.  Of course, this one probably doesn’t help those with large followers/following, but still could be helpful to many.
    • An option to block Auto DMs. Please, this one is a no brainer.  In fact, above all, I’d take this as it would probably get rid of 90% of what I don’t want to see.

If Twitter isn’t going to pull the trigger, how’s about Hootsuite or Tweetdeck offering these features?  I’m no technical expert, but I’ve got to believe something could be done.  Anyone out there using any tools that provide any of the features above that I’ve missed?