twitter dashboard - tool marketers 2016

Last week we introduced you to some of the latest Twitter updates, this week we are going to talk about the newest Twitter marketing tool for businesses – the Twitter Dashboard.

What is Twitter Dashboard?

Twitter just introduced two new apps, allowing you to better understand, engage, and grow your Twitter audiences. One of them is the Twitter Engage mobile app that is currently only available for iOS devices and can be used for real-time engagement insights of your Twitter page. The other one is Twitter Dashboard, available for desktop and as an iOS mobile application.

Although very similar, the two new Twitter apps have different target audiences. Twitter Engage is more suitable for celebrities, creators and public figures. Whereas, Twitter Dashboard is specifically for the better management of Twitter business accounts.

Twitter Dashboard features

You can access the new Twitter tool at or by downloading it from the Apple App store. You can set it up by entering the type of business you have and the number of your employees. Next, you will set up a custom feed by entering specific keywords and hashtags relevant to your business, products and services.

Easier social media listening and monitoring of brand mentions

First thing to see, after entering the dashboard is the “About you” feed. It displays in one place the Tweets containing your brand mentions and the specific keyword and hashtags that you included while setting it up. The Tweets are shown in a chronological order and you can easily pick those that you would like to favourite, reply or retweet. This feed is very similar to the feeds you can create in Tweetdeck. However, now you can see all the Tweets important for your business in one place.

Besides the “About you” feed, you can still see a feed with your own tweets and the timeline with all the Tweets from the people you follow.

Scheduling Twitter updates

The second tab that you will now have access to is called “Create” where you can create and easily schedule new Tweets. The scheduled Tweets can be previewed in a calendar that will help you to never have a day without a post.

Getting ideas and inspirations

On almost all the tabs in Twitter Dashboard you will see friendly reminders and ideas for new Tweets. This feature is great to help boost-start your creative process and encourage you to engage more with your followers.

Easier channel performance and engagement monitoring

The “Analytics” tab is similar to Facebook’s Insights Overview and gives you a preview of your Twitter page performance and growth for a selected timeframe, which is currently for the last 7, 30 or 60 days.

Besides that, there is a section called “Tweets” where you can see the engagement of your latest Tweets, as well as the Tweets, that people engaged with recently. The second can give you a hint of which Tweets can use some extra boost.

Pros and Cons of the new Twitter Dashboard

Our takeaway on the usability of the features that Twitter Dashboard offers for businesses:


  • Monitoring of brand mentions made easy.
  • Handy overview of your Twitter channel growth and engagements.
  • Inspiring ideas for Tweets.
  • Discovering old Tweets that people still engage with.
  • Scheduling and content calendar visualization.


  • Insights overview only for the last 7, 30 or 60 days.
  • Scheduling videos and Twitter polls is currently unavailable.
  • No “Best time to Tweet” data.

Next week we will be introducing you to the upcoming changes in the Facebook newsfeed algorithm that will favour posts from your friends and family and might impact the reach of your Facebook page’s posts.