In a strangely surprising move, Twitter has brought marketers something very special as we move into 2022.

If you are already dominating Twitter and gaining huge ROI from it, look away now, but if you’re not, the new Twitter Planner guide is incredibly useful and actionable.

What’s in it?

A lot, actually. The full guide is pretty hefty at 69 pages long. While this may seem like quite a lot to sink your teeth into, a big chunk of it is template-based. Essentially, you will find plenty of templates to use that are blank and ready for action, based around your Twitter activity for the calendar year.

One of the best parts of the whole package is the section where Twitter helps you plan ahead for the next twelve months. Okay, so it is nothing more than a planner, but it’s well presented and it allows you to have an overview of the key events in the business calendar that you should be tweeting about. And for good measure, Twitter also points you to a special business calendar as well, so you don’t have to go too far for inspiration.

In order to stay on your audience’s radar, offer them educational, relevant, and entertaining content every day. It is impossible to keep your audience interested in your brand if you don’t post regularly. To keep track of things, you can use this calendar template.


This is a relatively new term, but ‘guardrails’ are essentially a way to keep your Tweets safe and positive for everyone involved. In today’s global and local marketplaces, brands need to stand for something. It is important for your brand to have a crystal clear positioning, which isn’t ambiguous in your customers’ eyes.

It’s equally important for a brand to understand “what it is” and “what it isn’t”. Brand owners have to design, develop, and implement brand guardrails as part of their strategic brand management process.

Divided into three areas of copy, media and emojis, the Twitter guardrails template helps you to outline things you can include in your tweets, and the stuff that is offensive or will affect your brand. It’s a neat way of calibrating your approach for the year ahead, and it enables you to focus on value for your audience.

Increasing marketers’ attention to these elements could ensure a more uniform, strategic approach across the board, optimising your tweets.

The most useful section for marketers?

The best section is the ‘month of tweets’ template. Here, Twitter outlines ideas for a month’s worth of tweets, with a wide variety of topics and content types.

The best thing about this is that even if you stick to the ‘month’ religiously, month after month, you’ll still be tweeting entertaining and engaging content. And with consistency comes engagement.

What’s on there? Well, there are suggestions like:

  • FAQs
  • Twitter polls
  • Questions
  • One-liner posts

It’s a whole month of fun stuff, and if you plan enough ahead, you can cut out a ton of work for your team.

In addition to that, the guide also contains some key tips that can help you ensure your tweets are consistently good enough to be noticed and engaged with.

All in all, this guide is really useful for all marketers who want to dominate Twitter in the months ahead. And because Twitter has created it, it is worth following it to the letter.