Twitter Cards can help you extend your message, overcome the 140-character limit, and increase traffic to your website. The social network is great for sharing timely updates, perhaps the most convenient, with minimum interface elements and steps in getting your message on the network. However, the 140-character limit is one of the main hurdles if your message cannot convey the content entirely in that small tweet. So how do Twitter Cards help?

You can create different types of Twitter Cards and integrate them with your website. Then, when any of your visitors tweet a page or post form your website, their followers get to see the title and excerpt of the post along with the featured post image. But this is not the only thing that you can implement with Twitter Cards.

Product Twitter Cards

You may have an estore with multiple products on your website that you tweet about regularly. It is impossible to give all the information about the product in a tweet and make it look good at the same time.Product Twitter Cards help you display this additional information in a structured manner to your followers and increase the chances of getting a click to review the product further on your website. Even if you don’t have a full-blown estore and sell a couple of items, this little tweak can help you advertise your product.

product twitter cards

With Product Twitter Cards, you can show basic information such as the item title and description. You can also include custom labels and data suitable for your product. For example, I have included the book price and number of pages as data labels for the book.

Summary Twitter Cards

You can use the Summary Twitter Cards to share additional information from any page or post. Once installed on your blog, every time you tweet a blog post, your followers can read a brief summary of the post and then decide if they want to read further. This way, your 140-character tweet can establish a context of the tweet and theSummary Twitter Card can add further information and act as a hook.

summary twitter cards

Alternatively, you can install a custom code on a specific services page, a special offers page, or even a landing page to attract more users to your website from Twitter.

Player Twitter Cards

You can’t really ignore videos. Videos and images attract most users and get the maximum conversion rates for tweets. The Player Twitter Cards help you embed a video in your tweet that the users can stream within the Twitter timeline.

player twitter cards

The Player Twitter Card settings let you define the title, the description and the size of the player along with all the basic information that is available for other cards.

Images are key to food bloggers and restaurants, photography and digital art bloggers, fashion designers and other similar professionals. A recipe tweet with one image is good, the same tweet along with images of the ingredients and finished product is better.

gallery twitter cards

With Gallery Twitter Cards, you can add up to four images and create a small image gallery for your post to display in your Twitter feed.

Twitter Cards are an excellent way to extend your message on Twitter and attract more traffic to your website. You can install these on your WordPress website with the help of plugins. Before you install the code on your WordPress website, you need to apply for Twitter Cards and get them approved by Twitter. After the short review process your Twitter cards will start showing up in your twitter feed. This is how it looks on your follower’s feed.

live twitterfeed

You can see that both the tweets in my timeline include a link and are expanded. However, the second tweet offers much more information about the content of the url to the followers than the earlier one. Don’t waste this opportunity to attract more traffic to your website. It is easy to install them with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and we will be happy to help you install Twitter Cards if you need any assistance.