This year the money spinner T20 cricketing entertainment Indian Premier League has moved out of the country to UAE for the initial part of the game. More than a month long cricketing feast that started from April 16, is successfully finding its space on TV and Twitter trends every day.

Having partnered for the sixth season of Pepsi IPL 2013, Twitter continues its support to provide interactive experiences to cricket fans. Last year Twitter, which was building its base in the country with media partnerships, had introduced features like the Discover page, Magic Mirror, among others. The partnership is being described as a success by Twitter since the number of fans following @IPL on Twitter shot up by 125% in just 8 weeks. This year Twitter is hoping to scale new heights with IPL.

This season with a new sports head at Twitter India, Aneesh S Madani looking at the initiatives, Twitter has launched quite a few exciting things for fans to look forward to. This year’s real time initiatives include “Twitter IPL Calendar”, #IPLMagic, “IPL Pulse” and much more.

IPL integration on Twitter

With 76 matches being played in the seventh season, there is every chance that one can forget the schedule of the matches. To make it easy, Twitter has partnered with @ShopReply. Simply tweet to @IPL with #Calendar and you can choose to receive calendar notifications for IPL matches of your choice on your mobile phone, 10 minutes before the start of each game. No more missing any live action!

Twitter Magic Mirror starts from where it had stopped last time. The app would be used throughout the sports tournament season for the IPL and will encourage cricketers and celebrities to tweet out candid pictures with one click through the official IPL account.

This year signature-enabled #TwitterMirror makes their debut during the IPL, and fans will have access to candid customized photos from players and the members of the winning team. The six second Vine videos will also get their due; the IPL story would be told via the goodness of looping videos.

Besides Twitter is carrying further its customized moments which it did during Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement in association with BCCI. This IPL season fans can receive a personalized photo message with an iconic image from IPL-7 matches when they tweet to IPL with #MagicMoment.

Set to be rolled out soon, the feature is being put together by @digigraphme. The personalized or automated messages will be from the captain of the team featured in the photo. This year Twitter is betting on real time IPL updates and @IPLSpiderCam has been launched to get the exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the IPL with a new twist. Follow the Twitter account to catch all the fun.

Twitter gets funny with conversations; to make it happen at times the IPL Twitter account will be managed by players and commentators where you can toss them your questions and they answer.

Twitter integration on IPL website

The IPL’ website, like last year, sees interesting integration with Twitter. 2014 which is already renamed as the selfie year finds love from Twitter. So click your crazy shots when you are watching the game in the stadium or bump into a celebrity and tweet with #IPLSelfie to get featured on the IPL website.

Beyond this, features like #playerbattles, #twittermirror and curated list of latest IPL related tweets find a place on the site. #playerbattle as the name sounds is a Twitter voting battle between fans for their favourite cricketer. Before every match two star players are chosen and fans are asked to tweet for their support. Right now the fight is between Stuart Binny and Ravindra Jadeja, with Sir obviously winning with 67% support.

Twitter integration with TV during IPL

The relationship of Twitter and TV continues well in to the IPL too. This year Twitter data will be used to share the tale of IPL 7 in real time, with “IPL Pulse” data visualizations popping up in the broadcast, highlighting the players, conversations and trends that are getting talked about the most. Twitter has partnered with @pulselive to make it happen and IPL Pulse will also be available to view during the season on the IPL website.

And if you’re catching a match at the stadium, tweet with #PepsiIPL and watch the visualization grow larger-than-life on the giant screens.

The website integration features of Twitter such as Tweet Counter and Hashtag Battle will be integrated into the television screens too. My belief is that like last time the best conversations from Twitter such as the best tweets, pictures and Vines would also be shared on the television screens by commentators during the live game.

There is more to happen in the games as well as in the offerings from Twitter during IPL. I am sure fans wouldn’t mind some more exciting surprises by Twitter during IPL 2014.

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