Can you establish your professional brand in 160 characters or less?

If you have a Twitter account, you already have.

While you were trying to be cute and clever when writing your Twitter bio, you may have missed an opportunity to make valuable network connections.

Your bio is key to establishing your professional brand on Twitter. It helps potential connections understand what’s important to you, what type of information you plan to communicate through the social medium and what they stand to gain by connected with you.

In short, your bio also helps people determine whether to follow you on Twitter.

The good news is that it’s not too late. We can alter our Twitter bio any time we see fit.

Below are some tips for making sure your Twitter bio is doing its job.


Be personable

Your Twitter bio is not a formal resume. It should reflect who you are, using keywords that provide a sense of your profession and interests.

Think strategy

You should have a goal when writing your Twitter bio. What is it that you hope to accomplish from your presence on the social medium? Make sure your purpose is reflected in your bio. In other words, include where you work or what you’re studying.

Include keywords

Choose descriptive words for your bio that establish your professional brand. How do you want to be identified?

Avoid oversharing

Your Twitter bio should be professional. It’s most likely best to avoid mentioning political or religious views. You also should consider whether you should mention any hobbies or interests that might be considered questionable instead of interesting. You certainly shouldn’t mention anything illegal in your bio.

The bottom line is to realize you’re sharing information with a global public that will determine how people think of you. You want to share wise, appropriate information.

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Add a URL

Because your Twitter bio is limited (160 characters), you should include a link that allows the viewer to learn more information about you. This could be a link to your online portfolio site, blog, etc. If you don’t have a home base online, you may consider linking to your LinkedIn account, which should provide a lengthier look at the professional you.

Add an avatar

You Twitter profile should include a professional, close-up photo of yourself. You. Just you. Not your boyfriend, dog, brother, best friend, etc. This allows viewers to connect a face and name.

Ensure accuracy

Your bio reflects your professional self. Be sure to proofread, spell check and use correct grammar.

Be fun and creative

Your bio should reflect your personality and what’s interesting about you. Consider including a fun fact about you that reflects your individuality.

Take a look at your bio now. Does it adhere to the standards above? If not, there’s no time like the present for revisions.