Mobile CommerceMicroblogging website Twitter has announced the acquisition of TapCommerce, a mobile ad startup. With TapCommerce under its belt Twitter will be able to access mobile web browsing activity from users to deliver relevant ads based on their searches.

“If we can have a way to get apps on peoples’ devices, TapCommerce is a way to get people to use them,” according to Richard Alfonsi, Twitter VP of Global Online Sales.

Acquiring TapCommerce is only part of the company’s advertising strategy. In fact, Twitter added MoPub to its portfolio in September 2013 and developed the Twitter Publisher Network through the acquisition of Namo Media. The latest addition to the Twitter family will “supercharge mobile retargeting and app re-engagement,” according to a tweet from the Twitter Advertising account.

Alfonsi shared details of the acquisition in a blog post, stating, “…Twitter will be able to offer mobile app marketers more robust capabilities for app re-engagement, tools and managed service solutions for real-time programmatic buying, and better measurement capabilities.” He added: “Combined with our other ad solutions, advertisers will be able to drive conversions and ROI with mobile consumers on and off of Twitter, across the full user lifecycle — from acquiring new users through app installs, to engaging existing users who already have the advertisers’ apps on their device. And if you’re an everyday mobile user, we expect this will mean better and more relevant ads in the apps you use.”

Upgrade To Pricing Model
Advertising on social media is getting very competitive. With several ways to advertise on different websites and target users, it is becoming a question of whether or not companies are getting the most bang for their buck.

Twitter rolled out beta testing for this new advertising model, and as a result “apps that specialize in subscription services and flash sales have been particularly strong,” noted Mladen Raickovic, a GM at social-media advertising platform AdParlor. According to Raickovic, the cost per customer acquisition on Twitter has decreased to less than $5.