Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to improve my monitoring on Twitter.

See if you have encountered similar thoughts…

How can I really maximize my searching time on Twitter?

I wish I could see where my message was retweeted or copied without giving reference to me. (Yes this occurs)

I want to look at a subject in real-time and see if the source is credible.

Then, by chance, not sure how I found it. There is a tool that has a graphical screen that is easy to read and quickly scan.

The product is Twinitor!

Twinitor is a Twitter search and monitoring service. (Company Definition)

  • You can search any kind of information real time (any keywords and phrases, twitter #tags and @users).
  • The tool allows you to monitor a set of different keywords at same time!
  • You can also log in using your Twitter account and use Twinitor to Reply, mark tweets as Favourites, Retweet and use all other Twitter functions.
  • You can also twit your search results.
  • You can change languages of tweets.
  • You can search tweets with pictures only.
  • Just click tags in tweets to add them to monitoring.

I really like the fact that you can type in key words and get instant results back. I also like to check on people before I follow them. This product gives you the ability to see how this person interacts with others. Very helpful for determining if the person is a broadcaster only or also engages with people online.

You really need to check out this tool! A great way to search twitter.