Yesterday, I was in a room with other Marketing Professionals, about 30 and I asked the following question. How many tweets do you post a day. Most of the people in the room thought a good day of tweeting was between 5-10 tweets per day. One person commented that this number could be higher if they attended a tweetchat that day. I think these numbers do speak volumes. I should have asked the next question about time with respect to when do you tweet the most.

From my perspective, tweeting 5- 10 times per day can be a productive day if you spread those tweets out over the course of the day. It is imperative to reply to anyone who mentions your id in a tweet and if you can add value to a conversation. My objective is to connect with companies during the day or seek answers to questions to help me with business practices.  For this reason, the majority  of my tweets occur during normal business hours.

Creating brand presence from my perspective occurs the best when business people are online. The exception would be evening chats.

How often do you tweet? I would be curious to know of anyone who tweets more than 50-100 times a day.  First off, is that your full-time job and second are you seeing above average results. There is only so much time in a day to get your work done and most of us cannot spend our whole day on twitter.  What are your thoughts?  Is 5- 10 a good day in your perspective or do you have some results from your own studies that indicate different results?

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