I’m not kidding. I believe that people using TrueTwit on Twitter really don’t understand that it is anti-social in its very existence and does more harm than good.

Yeah, yeah…I know the creators say, “but hey, we created our tool to weed out the spammers and bots”…well I say, that’s *bleep* because they are a bot themselves.

Why is TrueTwit Validation anti-social?

Each and every little auto-DM for “TrueTwit Validation” to a new follower violates the very social nature of Twitter in and of itself.


1. Auto DM’s…they suck. They are impersonal and they are generated by a “bot”. That is anti-social. If you are forcing new people to “validate” themselves before you will “connect” with them? Hmmm…that reeks of anti-social behavior too.

2. That auto DM does not generate a connection with the new person who followed you, but gives the impersonal feel and lack of social touch that is needed in a first contact. Twitter is about communication and this tool does not give a good 1st impression of who you are.

3. To get “validated”, your new follower has to go to a site off of Twitter, to the True Twit validation page, put up with an annoying auto-audio, ads, and then the captcha process itself. And once they do that…waste their time and energy with no guarantee they will be followed back? Anti-social.

I refuse, I repeat…I refuse to validate TrueTwit users.

I followed you because either your profile contained something that I thought we could connect with on or you’ve been tweeting about something that I relate to and/or share an interest in. If I receive that auto-DM, I’ll go back and unfollow you.

Social media is about establishing new connections and building relationships with people in your niche. Your auto-bot DM to the person you just followed basically says, “Hey, I don’t have time to check out if you’re real or not and I don’t trust anyone so do this and maybe I’ll follow you back”.

If you want to be successful in social networking on Twitter, you should NOT use an auto-DM of this sort. TrueTwit Validation will limit your ability to grow your network, your connections and relationships in the long term.

But, that’s just MY opinion…what do you think?

Okay…my rant is over now…whew… :)

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