three-wisemen-social-media-tips-8One of the wonderful things about Twitter for a marketer is the ability to search specific topics and send relevant messages straight to the people that want to hear it.

With social channels becoming the primary means of internet brand searches, it’s not only consumers that can find you, you can also find them.

You will hear a lot of marketers talking about “social reach” and maximising the amount of people your content presents itself in front of but while you’re waiting for that elusive @OneDirection Retweet, why not go straight to the people who are asking to buy RIGHT NOW?

For example…

I have a car rental client and one of my regular social practices is to search through the pre-defined keywords like “car rental”, “car hire deals” etc. to search out anyone who is talking about hiring a car.

Now, one key factor in this search is that I always arm myself with a special discount code to offer as a sweetener should anyone be looking to convert from sales lead to customer. I equipped myself with this discount code and ventured out into the wilderness (Twitter), looking for people to rescue from their car rental shopping distress.

Before long, I spotted someone in need of my help.

Twittter engagement

Quick as a flash, I rushed over to aid with a reply…

“@***** Hi J can we be of any help? Follow us and I’ll DM you a discount code”, to which the customer obliged and one discount code was dispatched.

This is just one example of how pro-active Twitter engagement can really pay off. The information was highly targeted to someone who was specifically asking for a deal.

Why not give it a try?

Search for “buy lawnmower” or a keyword related to your business and discover the amount of Tweets about this topic that you could potentially engage with.