This year was filled with many memorable moments. Winter finally arrived in Westeros in the “Game of Thrones” season six finale, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first-ever Oscar and who could forget the Pokemon Go craze? Of course, the year was also filled with some divisive and surprising news stories, including Britain breaking away from the European Union in shocking Brexit vote, Donald Trump being elected president and countless celebrity deaths.

Twitter remembered these moments, both good and bad, in their 2016 year in review, which in previous years has been called #YearOnTwitter. This year, however, Twitter decided to shake things up a bit, using the hashtag #ThisHappened and collecting the top 10 global conversations to share both top trending moments and encourage others to share their favorite memories. Take a look at the list below:

Top 10 Global Conversations of 2016

  1. #Rio2016
  2. #Election2016
  3. #PokemonGo
  4. #Euro2016
  5. #Oscars
  6. #Brexit
  7. #BlackLivesMatter
  8. #Trump
  9. #RIP
  10. #GameOfThrones

Also included in Twitter’s year in review was 2016’s most retweeted tweets. The three tweets included Hillary Clinton’s quote from her concession speech the day after she lost the 2016 election, Harry Styles’ birthday tweet and YouTuber El Rubius’ “Limonada” tweet:

Take a look at what social media’s favorite memories from this year were below:

Twitter Users Share Their Top Moments of 2016

Do any of the hashtags on the Top 10 Global Conversations list surprise you? What would you have added? Sound off in the comments section below!