On Friday Twitter announced that it had ended its syndication deal with LinkedIn, which previously allowed people on Twitter to link their tweets with LinkedIn’s news stream.

The addition of an #in hashtag was an easy and effective way to edit tweets into LinkedIn to a more ‘professional’ social network without alienating that network with every tweet, er, ‘tweeted’. But with Twitter’s recently added features such as threaded conversations and expandable tweets not showing up on users’ LinkedIn pages, Twitter decided to pull the plug.

However, you can still link your tweets to LinkedIn using the same #in hashtag if you do this…

… Go to the San Francisco-based (and wonderful) IFTTT where you can sync to all types of networks by setting up ‘recipes’, one of which links TWitter to LinkedIn.

It’s simple, click on the Twitter-LI link, then connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You will then be sent to a page that has a hashtag field with saying #hashtag. Change that to #in, confirm and ignore everything else including the code in the LinkedIn field and then press ‘create recipe’.

Then do a test on Twitter and you’ll find that tweet turns up in your LinkedIn news stream. Easy as Apple pie, and it will give you a little anarchic thrill that the pioneering days of Twitter still exist.

* Thanks to Marc Munier of Pure 360 for pointing this out