We’ve all seen the people with 100,000 followers, and we all want to get there. At the beginning of my Twitter career, I didn’t follow anyone back. I wanted to be one of those people with 100,000 followers who was only following 100 people. However, I wasn’t gaining any followers, and the only way I could think of to get more followers was to follow back my followers and follow more people.

It was a game changer. I went from gaining 1-5 followers every day to gaining 20 followers every day. I was flying past the thousands. Getting to 2,000 followers seemed like an impossibility, but I ended up finding myself with well over 5,000 followers. I had gained many followers just by following others, but that wasn’t the only benefit from following all of those people.

I was starting to build connections that mattered and lasted. I was able to engage in more conversations because I had more people to talk to, and I still engage in a lot of conversations to this day. Not too long ago, I decided to  follow more people every day than I had ever done before. I have been consistently getting over 100 followers every day ever since, and I now have over 10,000 followers.

None of this would be possible if I didn’t follow other people or the people who were already following me. We all want the celebrity status on Twitter where we don’t have to follow a lot of people in order to become popular. However, not enough people know about us in order for us to get the celebrity status. There are people following 100,000 people and being followed by 100,000 people.

Following others on Twitter has dramatically changed by blog traffic as well. I get over 50 people visiting my blog every week who came from Twitter. That’s over 2,400 extra people visiting my blog every year. Before I started following others, I wasn’t getting this kind of traffic.

Following other people on Twitter has dramatically increased my following, connections, and traffic. If you want to get more followers on Twitter, following other people and the people who are already following you can make all of the difference.