I love Twitter. It is my favourite social network for so many reasons, the biggest being that I can connect with 22,000 people in a matter of seconds.

At the end of 2015, Twitter announced a brand new feature for all of their users, which is what I am going to be sharing with you today; Twitter Polls.

Twitter said the following;

“If you want the public’s opinion on anything — what to name your dog, who will win tonight’s game, which election issue people care most about — there’s no better place to get answers than on Twitter. For poll creators, it’s a new way to engage with Twitter’s massive audience and understand exactly what people think. For those participating, it’s a very easy way to make your voice heard.”

Twitter have previously allowed users to ask questions and track their replies within their community through the use of hashtags or asking for “retweets” or “favourite” to cast a vote. This new feature allows you to create your own poll straight from your newsfeed for a 24 hour period.

This tool will be invaluable for me as feedback from my community is crucial for my next steps when it comes to webinars, events, training and new products I want to launch. Do note that you can vote just once on any poll, and this will not be shared publicly.

How to create your own poll on Desktop

  1. Log in to your twitter account from
  2. Click on the “compose a message” box in your newsfeed
  3. Select the Poll icon
  4. Type your question in the “ask a question” box
  5. Decide on your options, and write them in the “option” box (if you want more than two options, click on “add a choice”.
  6. Choose how long your poll will run for — you can run it for 10 minutes, a day or even 7 days if you like.
  7. Click “tweet” once you are happy with your poll.
  8. Wait for the results to come in!

If you want to run your poll from your mobile phone, you can do so by clicking on the “compose a message” icon in your app, and click on the poll icon and follow the above steps.

Since the poll feature has been released, close to 2 billion votes have been cast and I have not only casted my vote on other people’s polls, I have also created my own poll, with the results below.


Have you created your own poll?