Twitter is rapidly becoming an essential marketing tool for companies of all sizes. It is no longer just for mouthy celebrities and Justin Bieber fans. If you rely on Facebook alone, you are limiting your potential audience, which includes potential customers and clients.

Social media savvy consumers are spending more and more time on Twitter for quick, up-to-date posts. It is a convenient source for news, traffic updates, friendly interaction, and personal venting.

Even if you are familiar with Twitter, using it for business purposes is entirely different from using it for personal reasons. Before you hastily dive into tweeting and go on a following spree, plan out your social media strategy first.

Tactical Tweeting Tips

  • Post timely information: Twitter is an excellent platform to promote current campaigns, specials or events. People are interested in what is going on now. With Twitter, you can give them information right up until your event happens — or during it, as long as you know how to live tweet.
  • Reach out to the community: Connect with your local community to make your company known among your neighbors. Look for active Twitter followers from your area and engage them in conversation. Offer Twitter-specific deals to locals.
  • Engage with followers: Make clients and fans feel important. Give them a shout out every once in a while or a simple thank you. Retweet their posts and have conversations that go beyond promoting your brand. Twitter is about communicating — let the consumers know their voice is being heard and appreciated.
  • Direct people to back to your site: Incorporate a shortened URL’s into tweets, but be aware of what Twitter does not want brands to do. This will help promote traffic to your website, product, or event. Analytics reports will show you if your efforts are working.
  • Provide customer service: Consumer complaint, gripe, or rant? Don’t be surprised if it shows up on Twitter. Many customers tweet companies with their questions or concerns. Responding to customers in a timely fashion is key! Ask them to direct message you so you can provide answers or exchange contact information privately. Customers will post about you on Twitter whether you are there or not. You might as well exercise control over the conversation.

Regardless of your company’s size, a powerful social media strategy is critical to the marketing process. Twitter is becoming one of the main platforms businesses are using to promote their product lines, services and events. The most important thing to remember when using Twitter for business purposes is to keep your content engaging. Don’t let your post get skimmed over; grab the attention of your followers!