Buy anything on Amazon right from Twitter with a single tweet with hashtag #AmazonCart.

Amazon has made it really easy to add any item you like on Amazon to your cart. All you have to do is link your Twitter handle with an Amazon account. Once you find anything while reading your Twitter feed, just reply to that tweet and include hashtag #AmazonCart.

The item in question with a link to Amazon product page will be added to your Amazon Cart that you can buy later. With this new way of shopping at Amazon, you never have to leave Twitter and switch apps to add an item to your cart.

#AmazonCart - Howto
#AmazonCart – Howto

To use this functionality, you need to have a Twitter account that is linked to your Amazon account. Once linked, it just works as described. The items you will add using Twitter will only be added to your cart, they are not automatically purchased. You can always decide later to remove them, if you no longer want them.

#AmazonCart is a really cool way to add items to your cart if you are on vacation or away from your computer and liked an item to buy. This way you can add them to your cart and when you get back, it will be waiting in your cart. Cool, eh!!

Learn more about #AmazonCart in the demo video below:

Happy Shopping!!

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