This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to schedule tweets with images using Twitter.

If you’ve ever tried to schedule tweets with images using a service like Hootsuite you probably know that the photo is included as a URL instead of within Twitter’s stream.

This can drastically decrease the engagement your tweets with images receive and additionally they are not archived in your profile’s photos and videos section.

You can however, schedule tweets with images using Twitter. Here’s how!

tweet scheduling to include images

What’s The BIG Difference?

In stream images: Images that appear in a users’ Twitter feed can be useful for catching their attention and stimulating retweets and favorites.

If you are including images, make sure that they’re quality, and big enough to fill the space. In stream images will also add color to your brand’s twitter stream and can be utilized to break up constant link or text based content.

Photos and videos archive: Twitter users will typically search through your Twitter profile’s photos and videos archive to learn more about you.

The problem is when you schedule tweets with images using a third-party app, the images are not stored in this archive, essentially reducing their shelf life and future interactions they may receive.

Video Tutorial

Why Schedule Tweets With Images?

Your Twitter posting frequency shouldn’t just be from 9 to 5 and only on work days. To grow your following and reach new users scheduling your content throughout the week and at different times is a great strategy, especially if you want to reach users in different time zones.

While I wouldn’t recommend including images in every scheduled tweet, you should still use graphics and images attached to your tweets to add some color to your stream and tweets with images do receive higher engagement rates.


Remember that scheduling tweets with images is only part of the equation. You’ll also need to include engaging copy that’s relevant to the image and to your audience.

While I wouldn’t count Hootsuite or Buffer out for scheduling tweets with or without links, if you want to make the most of the graphic space available to you, scheduling image tweets specifically using twitter is a good idea.

What’s your Twitter strategy? Do you schedule your content and do you find tweets with images more engaging? Let me know in the comments below.