Whether you love scandals, hate scandals, or love to hate them, one thing is certain; social media options such as Twitter have made spreading scandal easier than ever. The stories that stand out among all the other scandals cover a wide gamut of interests so you’re bound to find scandalous entertainment practically anywhere you look.

Using Your Phone to Follow Scandals


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If you love scandals and want to keep current with your passion (or even share some of your own), the first step in the process is to shop online for free cell phones. Once you get your cell phone, you are ready to go.

  • Set up a Twitter account.
  • Add some useful tweets to your account.
  • Sign up to follow topics and individuals who highlight scandals.
  • Comment on your favorite scandals to increase their popularity. This will help them stand out as some of the best scandals of all time.

Scandals Made Possible By Twitter


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Although the term “scandal” might stir up images of juicy gossip about people who try to hide their personal lives, it isn’t always seedy. There are many occasions where scandal leads to the greater good of society. What would have happened if Erin Brockovich hadn’t ever uncovered the Hinkley pollution scandal? People would have continued dying.

There are so many scandals in so many categories, all you have to do is pick your area of interest. Popular scandal topics include (among other topics):

  • Celebrity scandals
  • Political scandals
  • Religious scandals
  • Business scandals
  • Local scandals
  • International scandals

You will frequently find that a scandal covers more than one area of interest. Log into Twitter and get ready to sit back and enjoy some popular scandals.

Top Twitter Religion and Celebrity Scandals Over Time

  • Religious and Celebrity Scandals – When Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, the scandal mongers were all a-Twitter regarding the impact of Scientology on relationships. That’s a fine example of a celebrity scandal as well as a religious one. The scandal led to social media conversations on the impact of religious practices on a marriage. It also led to in-depth questions, comments and responses on Scientology itself.
  • Celebrity and Business ScandalsWho hasn’t heard of Oprah and her generosity? Still, even she isn’t perfect, and Twitter followers caught her in a taboo act. Her OWN network floundered so she turned to Twitter to increase her ratings as she begged followers to tune in. The Nielson ratings didn’t appreciate it since networks aren’t technically allowed to solicit viewers and called her on it. She had to back-paddle to appease her critics after that one.

Top Twitter Business and Political Scandals Over Time

  • Political ScandalsOkay, so politics tends to bring out the worst in people, but when it hits the Twitter pages, it’s really open season. That’s what President Obama discovered when he commented on Kanye West’s behavior as Taylor Swift received her award. Although West displayed less-than-ideal behavior, Obama’s calling him “a jackass” didn’t win him a popularity vote on the Twitter pages.
  • Twitter is a powerful force in political scandals. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York) should have learned the lesson after the Obama scandal. Instead, he made his own Twitter waves by posting an indecent photo of himself then trying to cover it up.
  • Business Scandals – It’s not all celebrity and religion scandals. Business has its own scandals as well. Just ask the Chrysler marketing executive who was fired after tweeting about Detroit’s driving problems (stating that no one there knew how to “f**king drive” just as Chrysler released a brand new advertising campaign. The company invested heavily in Super Bowl commercials bragging about its cars that were “Imported from Detroit.” That tweet created a scandal that resulted in his losing his job.
  • Local and International Scandals – Log into local networks or search for international scandals with ease using the vast Twitter network. International scandals include anything from the ways countries treat travelers to restaurant reviews. Remember when Momofuku chef David Chang, used Twitter to express his anger toward the United Kingdom food critic Jay Rayner? The scandal was ready for anyone to read on the Twitter feeds.

What to do When a Scandal Goes too Far


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There are times when a scandal gets out of hand. Don’t let this disgust you or make you feel as if you have to give up on your love of scandal-following. It’s happened before, and the truth eventually comes to light. A fine example of this is when Perez Hilton tweeted Miley Cyrus’ crotch shot. After enough people protested and the truth came to light, Hilton made a public apology, and everyone moved on.

For good, for bad, for fun, scandals are intriguing and powerful. Scandals made possible by Twitter can change the world.