This is not a “get rich quick” scam or a pay-for-play gimmick to get Twitter followers. This is not a tip to gain a following of bots, fake accounts, or the cult of #FollowBack. This is a fool-proof, simple way to gain more Twitter followers in an automated fashion. The best part? These are real followers, engaged in the topic areas you’re most passionate about.

A Quick Primer on IFTTT

If you’re unfamiliar with If This, Then That, IFTTT, then this might blow your mind. I know I was in awe the first time I saw it in action. IFTTT is a service that allows you automate tasks based on specific triggers you set up with “recipes”. Their tagline is: To create these recipes, you connect channels you’re interested in using. The channels include a solid list of internet-connected devices/technologies such as Philips Hue, Fitbit, Box, Nest, along with iOS and Android phone functions, and popular media websites. Some basic examples include receiving a text in the morning if the forecast calls for rain, emailing yourself trending news articles, or recording your Fitbit activity.

I can’t stress enough how useful some of the recipes are and the vast potential IFTTT has as the Internet of Things gains even more traction.

But, you’re here for Twitter followers, right?

How to Gain Twitter Followers

It’s fairly well-documented that being engaging on Twitter is a simply (and obvious) way to grow a following. If you reply to like-minded individuals, fav their tweets, engage in discussions, and share relevant content, you’re bound to build an audience. If you’re not already doing this, stop reading now, and start. Seriously, stop. If you want to build a following simply for ego purposes and don’t want to actually engage with anyone, not only with my tip not work, but your following with disintegrate.

Gaining followers is one thing, keeping them is another.

Automatically Add Followers

Ah, here you go. This is why you came. Here’s my tip for you: use IFTTT to automate the introductory engagement on Twitter. Let IFTTT introduce you to people who are likely to be interested in the same things you are.

IFTTT has a recipe to build a Twitter List from a hashtag of your choosing. Here it is. Want to create a list of digital marketers? Use #DigitalMarketing. Every person who tweets with #digitalmarketing will automatically be added to your list. Sure, a good percentage will just ignore the action. However, some will tweet you a thank you or engage with you in some other form or fashion. These initial engagements will be akin to a virtual introduction, now the earnest is on you to follow through and interact with them. This is where you’ll gain followers. Nobody wants to follow a bot. 

Please note: sometimes the recipe turns off (likely Twitter stopping scripts), but you can turn right back on. Also, Twitter caps the lists at 5,000 members.

Well there it is, my secret. If you’re one of the people who followed me because I added you to a list, don’t feel duped. I’ll happily engage and follow back anyone who’s interested in having a real conversation about marketing hacks, strategy, or content marketing.

Have your own IFTTT marketing hacks? Share them below or reach out on Twitter.