There are way too many things to obsess and worry about these days:

The perfect colors to get people to respond better

The perfect wording to get more clicks

The perfect information being above the fold

The perfect keywords

The perfect pictures

The perfect Twitter & Youtube backgrounds

The perfect Facebook tabs & cover photo

And so on.

The truth is: there is no such thing as perfect.

People obsess over these insignificant things about how their profile or website looks and how people will react to ‘so and so’ but forget about the part where they actually get out there and start engaging.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t look professional in every way that you can, such as having nice looking backgrounds and pictures for your social profiles.

However, if you take more than a week to work on your photos and backgrounds,then you’re spending too much time.

Get your profiles looking nice and professional based on what YOU want, NOT what other people will like.

Yes, we all want to please our audience, but here’s another hard truth:

You can’t please everyone.

So when it comes to the designs, make them fun, professional and appealing to look at.

Outside of that, you’re just delaying the inevitable. You’re hiding from the hard work that you’ll have to do after all the designs are done.

People care more about awesome information than they do about the design of a website or your Twitter background.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, your website should still be appealing and easy to navigate, but I don’t need to see this glamorous website in which every color & word was picked out specifically to “make me buy”.

I don’t even have a Twitter background, or a YouTube background and it hasn’t effected how many new followers or subscribers I get. And to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I looked at someone’s Twitter and even paid attention to their background.

Do backgrounds effect subscribes/follows?


Are they mandatory?


Are they just for fun?


The main purpose behind your images, your website layout and your backgrounds is to create a sense of branding. As long as you’re consistent across your networks, then you’ll be fine.

Don’t stress about the little things. Focus on what’s important: Creating an awesome community.