Has your brand noticed a gradual decrease in Twitter traffic? Is your social traffic affected by the new Twitter updates?

The recent Twitter updates have a direct impact on how marketers use the platform. While Twitter is trying to make the content search within the platform easier, but with new rules comes revisiting how marketers will use Twitter. One of the most important updates in Twitter’s announcement was limiting or removing access to certain APIs, marketers are searching for new tools that can outsmart the platform.

In this article we will introduce you to five great tools to outsmart the new Twitter: you’ll take a look at these great tools, what they can do in light of Twitter’s regulations, and what will make your brand stand out. These tools will give you a competitive edge when all other brands are struggling to figure out Twitter’s revamp.

Killing Automation

What’s behind Twitter’s new update? Well with bots manipulating social media, the core impact of social media- being social- is slowly fading. Twitter is taking an active stance to reduce bots, fake content, or other content that may impact public opinion.

Maximizing the Shift

Let’s review some of the Twitter updates and how they impact marketers.

  • Simultaneous cross-posting, liking or RT’ing from multiple accounts.

What This Means: Twitter is cracking down on any actions taken across multiple Twitter accounts. Again, this is all in an effort to crack down on bots that were spreading a ton of fake tweets and spammy, abusive content. While companies may have good reasons for multiple accounts, it’s no longer acceptable to simply cross post. From now on, the best suggestion would be to post from one account and share or RT from all secondary accounts.

  • Posting multiple updates:
      Intent to subvert or manipulate a topic, or to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or trending content, is never allowed.

What This Means: In the past, bots or fake accounts would hack the feed by sharing or RT’ing the same content to force content to be in the trending topics. Of course, if the topic was organically trending, then it’s not an issue but Twitter will be cracking down on manipulated efforts to hack the system.

  • Duplicate or Similar Content: According to Twitter’s new rules: Content can be considered spam “if you post duplicate or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account, or create duplicate or substantially similar accounts.”

What This Means: Prior to these updates, creating “evergreen content” would be a simple way to have a library of prepared content ready for scheduling over time. Having this content ready would allow marketers to leverage their reach. The new Twitter update eliminates ALL posting of duplicate content. While marketers can use the same photo, same link, or similar message, the copy must be different to prior tweets posted from that account. It’s yet to be determined how Twitter intends to monitor. Any marketers who get caught, risk accounts suspension or complete ban.

Important Features of Twitter Tools

What features should the new Twitter tools have?

As always, the answer depends on what the brand is looking to achieve. Generally speaking, marketers using Twitter are looking for tools that can work within the predetermined guidelines set forth by Twitter, save time, and scale for efficiency.

The central features of Twitter Tools are the following:

      • Simplicity
        Keeps content fresh and top of mind
        Organizes tasks and opportunities
        Stays within the guidelines

Here are top 5 Twitter tools that can help any marketer outsmart the new regulations.

  • Commun.it is the best Twitter community management tools out there. It is a Twitter tool that lets marketers take a deep dive into social interactions and build more meaningful relationships with their audience. With Commun.it, a brand can identify who is sharing their content, focus efforts on influencers, and track keywords. For the smart social media marketing professional, Commun.it can become an essential tool for daily social media management, ensuring that no conversation goes unanswered and that no opportunities for meaningful engagements go without a proper interaction. In terms of Twitter tools, Commun.it automates many of the most important tasks aimed at increasing engagement for any Twitter profile.
  • Post Planner: For social media management, efficiency is key. We’re all busy and we want tools that will work within the guidelines to make the process smooth. While originally optimized for Facebook, Post Planner today is a tool for finding, planning and posting content across social media platforms. One of the best features is the Canva integration.
  • Buffer: While placed at number 3, Buffer is by far one of the leaders in providing a powerful tool that plays within the rules. While famous for allowing cross-posting, Buffer worked quickly to modify its platform and meet the new guidelines. Buffer took the lead by implementing simple modifications to three core challenges for social media managers to ensure that managers don’t mess up or get penalized.
  • Hootsuite: Like Buffer, Hootsuite offers an impressive suite of social media management including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Most experts claim that Hootsuite is a winner for optimal Twitter management for marketers.
  • Ninja Outreach: While not officially a Twitter tool, Ninja Outreach actually performs like a great Twitter tool. It can do much of the heavy lifting for Twitter in terms of SEO and link building. While considered an influencer marketing tool, NinjaOutreach can be used to streamline the process of finding industry leaders, scrape for contact details, identifying and reaching out to them via their Twitter profiles.


With Twitter releasing new rules, marketers are still uncertain how to effectively use this social platform to scale. The forward-thinking brands seek solutions that can bring value and outsmart Twitter, while still working within the guidelines. In order to stay within the rules and still drive results, learning and leveraging these great tools will only prove your value regardless of Twitter’s new guidelines.