Twitter UserAnybody, who’s not a celebrity, knows how difficult it is to build a following on Twitter. Me. You?

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we start on Twitter is this: Starting. From. Scratch.

It works, but it is hard work – think sweaty, long hours spent agonizing over follower and unfollower stats, creating “cool” tweets, investing in social media training…

Besides, at the end of the day, once all those hours and dollars have been spent, you probably end up with a chunk of followers who may not necessarily be all that interested in your proposition.

The Solution

Copy Followers. Get people who’ll care about your product, be interested in it and willing to convert – right from the beginning.

How? I’ll explain.

Imagine you are starting a pizza outlet. Pizza is huge (consumer base wise), but the leading brands are already established. They are the big fish, you are tiny (invisible algae?). Now think of leading pizza brand A and its Twitter followers. These followers are people who’ve followed Brand A of their own accord – clearly people who are interested in pizza, will visit pizza outlets and buy pizza!

These are people who are your potential buyers.

So, now you don’t need to start from scratch. You’ve already identified people who are interested in your value proposition – in pizza. You can then go ahead and follow them. In all probability, they’ll follow you back and if your pizza is really good, we may have a happy fairytale ending.

Sounds good so far?

Let’s take this targeting a step further.

Introducing JustUnfollow’s Copy Followers feature

JustUnfollow, for those who haven’t heard of it yet, is a friend management app for Twitter and Instagram. The Copy Followers feature of this app works on the principle I’ve explained above, but is additionally enhanced.

When you copy the followers of any account using this feature, JustUnfollow analyses that account to find followers who are most active and engaged and presents them as recommendations for you to follow first. The result? You end up following people who are most likely to follow you back, engage with you on Twitter and eventually purchase your product.

Copy Followers

This method has its merit over other Twitter marketing techniques because it addresses the basic tenet of marketing – answer a need. You will be following people who are interested in your product because it answers their need, even if you are an alternate solution – and will, therefore, be more likely to follow you back.

Sounds better?

Here are some best practices for using JustUnfollow’s Copy Followers feature to get targeted followers on Twitter:
>>Choose accounts to follow from with care. You can follow from competitors, of course. In a strongest-will-survive, dog-eat-dog and other metaphorical descriptions of the world we live in, it is no big deal if you follow the twitter followers of your competitors. You can also, alternately, follow the followers of a business closely related to yours. So someone who appreciates and follows a cheesy macaroni brand has a high probability of being interested in pizza as well.

>>Don’t have a high follow churn. JustUnfollow, with its convenient interface makes maintaining your Twitter account a breeze. However, do not use the convenience to follow and unfollow a lot of people. Several people make the mistake of following a bunch of people and then unfollowing them within the day when they don’t follow back. Not only will this lead to your account being suspended by Twitter, it is not good form and not the way to use Twitter.

>>Connect with the people you follow using Copy Followers, especially if they follow back. Send them a hello, maybe a link to a discount coupon, a question – anything to initiate conversation.

What do you think of this method of acquiring targeted followers? What do you use to get targeted followers on Twitter?