twittertoolEvery brand has a social media moment. But most marketers are inundated with hundreds of brand moments. That’s why real-time marketing strategies continue to be at the forefront of digital branding. Marketing in the moment fuels high-impact viral campaigns from Ellen DeGeneres’ epic Oscars Twitter selfie to Lenovo’s planned viral videos. Now, the crème-de-la-crème of real-marketing channels has launched a new tool to help brands “own the moment.”

Twitter’s #OwnTheMomentPlanner begins with a simple question: Which moments will you own? The tool allows you to plan tweets around key events by selecting the dates you want to focus on. It’s essentially an interactive calendar that tracks key categories including seasonal, TV, sporting, cultural, business and – of course – Twitter.

Below are some tips from the experts at Twitter that could help your brand be successful with this tool and with Twitter in general:

  • It’s only as good as the content. Twitter is truly what you make it: tune in to your brands interests, and discover what’s happening. Find the things that make your brand tick, and curate them into a personalized timeline to spark conversations and engage with others. Share your brand with words, photos and videos, and tweet as it happens.
  • Who you follow matters. Using Twitter means the world is at your fingertips—all you need to do is adjust the dial and tune in. For most brands, staying in touch with your customers is important. But remember, you’re also looking to convert your followers to brand evangelists. If you can’t convert them or get them to listen, don’t follow them.
  • Take advantage of Vine videos. Vine, Twitter’s video platform, allows users to send out short, 6-second videos that provide just enough time to share some thoughts or make a mini-movie, and broadcast it in a Tweet. This could be huge for your brand – particularly since images and videos create an immediate impression and serve as a key element of successful viral campaigns.
  • Polish your profile. Your Twitter profile reflects your brand’s personality to anyone who might follow you. Be sure to update your profile photo, because it represents who you are with every Tweet (so use a quality image!).

Owning your moment on Twitter requires some preparation including message development, compliance considerations, and crisis scenario planning. And in the end, the brands that succeed are the ones that employ thoughtful in-the-moment communications strategies. Achieving such a strategy doesn’t start with good content – it begins with great content.