New Twitter Profile

I received a very nice surprise last week – Twitter told me that I was able to change the layout of my Twitter profile. The old profile layout has been the same for quite a while now, and with the rise of Instagram and other image sharing networks, this change has been overdue.

So, if you haven’t seen the new changes yet, what are they, and how you can you get the most out of them?

Profile New Look – I think that the new profile looks good, although it does seem to lose some attractiveness as you page down. The header image which runs across the top of the page is recommended to be 1500 pixels wide, so this is a good opportunity to put up a good quality striking image onto your Twitter profile – eye-catching images will surely encourage following and interaction. The profile photo is the same as before, but has a different location on the left. There is also more detail about the type of tweets that you share – for example, my stats suggest that I need to share more photos and videos!

Pinned Tweets – If you worry that your most recent tweet might be read by someone who is thinking about following you, but it is unrepresentative of your account (e.g. I sometimes tweet about music or football, but my account is predominantly digital marketing), then Twitter have the solution. You are able to pin any tweet to the top of your profile page which sums up what you / your account is all about, just like you can on Facebook. If you’re a business, you might choose to put something about your company or a special offer, so it’s a good opportunity. Just click on the three dots at the bottom of each tweet and click ‘Pin to your profile page’.

Profile Views – If you are checking out someone else’s profile, you can filter their timeline by tweets, tweets with photos, and tweets with replies. This is a cool feature, although with a little hunting round, it was possible to do this via the old profiles. So, you should be tweeting more replies and more images / videos / vines to make your profile more attractive.

Your Best Tweets – The tweets that have received the highest levels of engagement will stand out on your profile because they will have slightly larger text. This is a cool feature, and you can use this to have a look through your most engaging posts and start to learn what your audience really like about your content – a nice visual way of analysing your tweets.

I think that the changes by Twitter are pretty smart – they are designed to encourage you to interact more and share more content, but there are also opportunities for marketers to optimise content – is this a win-win, or do you think Twitter should have gone further or done nothing at all?