A few weeks ago, a Mashable assistant features editor by the name of Matt Petronzio, discovered something interesting on his Twitter profile. It certainly didn’t look the same as it did the night before. It turns out that Twitter was trying out a new design on his profile and one can imagine they chose him because they wanted Mashable to report on the design change in hopes of getting some feedback through the website. The changes included a larger banner picture that stretches across the entire profile page. The profile picture is also larger than it usually is.

The major change is the structure of the timeline. In this new deisgn, Twitter moves away from a strictly vertical timeline, and creates a mix-and-match timeline, where the content is somewhat placed in chronological order. The timeline is presented in boxes, which is very similar to the ideas proposed by Facebook.

Twitter is known for publishing tweets in small boxes in 140 characters. This new design takes away the small compacted feeling of tweets by incorporating the pictures into the tweets. Another thing that has changed is the ability for users to see “Tweets” and “Tweets and replies” for every user — a feature typically reserved for those with the blue check mark. In other words, all replies sent out can be seen by everyone, despite the user hiding them from the timeline.

So, why are people not digging the new layout? Well, most people on Twitter reacted with the comments that the new design reminded them too much of Facebook and other social media networks. The layout with a profile picture and a banner picture was too much like Facebook, while the boxed timeline was too much like pins on Pinterest. In addition, the new design does take away from what Twitter is known for; simplicity. This includes simplicity in the design, as well as in the tweets themselves.

What don’t you like about the new design? Would you want to see it roll out?