Maybe it is just me but has anybody else noticed the character “.” being used more frequently on Twitter these days? Yes the period.  According to wikipedia:

  • Period (punctuation), a punctuation mark indicating the end of a sentence or phrase, specifically, a dot.

It’s been appearing in my feeds more often these which I’ve ignored until this week because now I’ve found out why people use it. Before I explain why here are a few examples from @Blyve‘s home feed (I’m a consultant with them):

Why Use it

As the above wikipedia definition mentioned the period is usually used at the end of a sentence but this time it appears in the beginning – STOP THE MADNESS! Let me explain…The main reason the “dot” is being used is to make sure that all your Twitter followers see your engagement/tweet.  If you remember the home feed is the feed of all the tweets from the people you follow.  That is where you’ve selected Twitter accounts that you think are interesting enough to see what is new. It is normal whether you are on a desktop Twitter app or mobile Twitter app to check your home feed, mentions, direct messages and a few searches that you’ve setup.

Is it “gaming” Twitter, perhaps but I’ll leave you to discuss in the comments below. So the next time you are thinking of mentioning someone in a tweet start with a dot. It will show to your followers your personality, tone and authenticity which is key to positive real-time audience engagement ROI.

Have a great day and Tweet me a message right now!

“. @djksar thanks for the great Twitter tip. Here is another one…”

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock User SongPixels.