The chocolate – coated wafer brand of Nestle, Kitkat has one of the most memorable tag-lines – Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. The brand is synonymous with encouraging people to take a break from whatever they might be doing. That is exactly how they promoted their new Twitter campaign #RichBreak.

kitkat social media

About The Campaign

This is their second; #RickBreak campaign taking place the earlier contest took place in July. This contest begun on 4th August 2014, from 10 am- 6 pm users were intimated about the same via Twitter hours before the contest begun. To be a participant users had to follow the KitKat India handle and had to include #RichBreak hashtag for ever entry they make.

6 winners and each to be rewarded with a Rs. 1000 Flipkart voucher (for this contest, Nestle have formed an association with Flipkart) and the grand prize to this contest is a trip to Goa. Due to the perks they offered, they got a good number of responses . They promoted the hashtag on Twitter as well to leverage this opportunity at-max. The contest allowed participants to show off their creative side by answering the questions being asked and in-turn win the goodies.

Thus, to get an in-depth understanding about the campaign results we at DI powered our research with the help of Talkwalker’s new social media monitoring tool. While talking about Talkwalker, did you check out their new Social Search tool? It’s one of the most amazing thing I have seen recently.

Let’s take a look at how it took Twitter by a storm of tweets & re-tweets.

Overall Results & Reach

kitkat social media campaign tweets

As you see in the graph above and below, due to the awareness created about the contest a day prior and with it being promoted has increased the participation since the inception of the contest on 4th August 10 a.m. and the participation is only increasing due to the influencers reach.

kitkat social media campaign reach
The potential reach of the campaign was around 25 Million users on Twitter, I am sure you can imagine the awareness that KitKat India must have got, and the total number of tweets with the hashtag #Rickbreak was more than 5.5K.

Demographic Distribution

According to the demographic distribution, the men participated more actively in this contest compared to women. But according to a lot of studies, it states men and women both crave chocolate; but women’s craving is superior to that of men. Clearly this stat gives all those researches a run for their money, because it is an absolute reverse case in this contest. May be it was Goa that fantasised men more.

kitkat social media campaign distribution


Influencers can add tremendous value to your marketing initiatives, the list of people below have helped spread the awareness about this contest. And they are spreading the influence in-turn in their networks.

kitkat social media campaign influencers

Some of the tweets we picked are

With so many tweets pouring in with the several questions asked in the contest, some tweets truly won us over with their wit and spontaneous answers:

This Kit Kat campaign has been able to focus on the concept of “taking a break” as the brands popular slogan. The idea of integrating this message into their contest not only promotes the tasty treat but also incorporates the human side of the brand. The main take away from the campaign is that, it portrays the perfect example of how taking a break, relaxing and unwinding can be accompanied with KitKat bars.

I do have one suggestion for KitKat India, here it is