How Twitter Contests Can Grow Your AudienceHow Twitter Contests Can Grow Your Audience

Is your business struggling to create conversations on Twitter that grow your network in a meaningful way?

Then you might want to try promoting your brand through giveaways and contests.

A Twitter campaign is similar to Facebook campaign, in that your products and services can be put in front of your followers with eye-catching offers and incentives. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through images and targeted hashtags that are consistent with your message.

Here are several fun ways to set up and launch your next photo contest with Twitter:

Decide what you would like to offer

This could anything from a service, a free report, sample product, and so on. The possibilities are endless depending on the niche of your brand. It’s simple to set up the campaign through sites like Rafflecopter, and important to choose an offer that fits within your budget. For example, if you are an author promoting an eBook, consider a giveaway through Kindle or even an Amazon gift card promotion. Whatever you decide keep in mind that your entries are potential leads who may be interested in your products or services. Adding these to an email list where you can follow up is a great way to introduce yourself and present more offers in the future.

Choose an eye-catching image

With the use of copyright-free resources like Pixabay and Wikipedia your business can find photos that match the contest offer and also represent who you are. And depending on type of offer you can choose humorous images, thought-provoking photos that prompt a response, or informational tie-ins to your campaign. Take a look at this example on Twitter of a contest from Kenneth Cole, with a very classy photo that appeals to charity:

And this enticing gift card offer from Solopress:

Make your contest stand out

With so many tweets being sent out each second on Twitter it can be very easy for your followers to miss out on your great offer. That is why photos should be high-quality, appealing, unique to your brand, and colorful. Consider scheduling your tweets for several times a day, and in some cases you can encourage retweets right inside the contest image or tweet. Select a hashtag that is simple and easy to remember, and matches the contest. It is always a good idea to share your contests on all of your active social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as sending out an announcement email to your subscribers.

Include important information

You will want to catch your followers right away by ensuring what your offer is front and center. Remember, the information is read very quickly, and you will want to entice them to click on the contest to enter to win. Be sure to include the number of potential winners and when the deadline is in order to create sense of urgency.

Photo contests on Twitter are a great way to increase visibility for your brand and attract more followers and leads. Consider making this a part of your marketing strategy online, and be ready to engage with your audience as they show interest in your products and services.