How to Write Engaging Tweets for Your Brand Account

Most brands are aware by now that one of the best ways to promote brand awareness is through social media. With people of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and business professions hanging out online, social media is an easy way to reach out to a large, diverse audience.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media forums available and can be a useful tool for most businesses. Companies can create tweets on the go and can highlight every aspect of their company, from their shipping department to their CEO.

However, many companies forget the importance of posting engaging and interesting tweets; nobody wants to read the same thing over and over in their Twitter feed.

When it comes to engaging your audience, it can be difficult to come up with creative content. Follow these easy steps in order to create captivating tweets that represent your business in a professional and exciting way:

Highlight new products


Highlighting new products or business ideas is a great way to keep people excited about your company. Tweet about new products from the beginning of the process all the way to the release date; that way customers feel like they are involved in the production process.

Tweeting about new products or business ideas – whilst taking on board feedback from fans – will also encourage people to invest in your product. More importantly, it shows your interest and dedication to your customers through listening and creating products that satisfy everyone.

Tweet about news that’s relevant to your product or service

Tweeting about news related to your company’s product or service is a great way to keep people informed of your particular industry.For example, if you own a skincare company and there is a breakthrough in dermatology, tweet about it!

Keeping people informed about news in your field is a great way to keep them excited and wanting to learn more. It also means you are offering value to your followers, not just promoting your own content and products.

Tie in current events


People love gossip, current events and news-related topics. Tweeting about current events and incorporating relevant hashtags will help bring new people to your Twitter feed.

However, be sensitive to current events that deal with politics, race, gender, religion, war, sexual orientation, etc. and always remember to err on the side of caution and compassion.

Tweet back

Twitter has turned into one of the largest customer service forums across the globe. Instead of customers waiting for hours on the phone to speak with a customer service representative, they increasingly opt to use Twitter in order to post their concerns or questions.

If one of your customers has a complaint always apologise, react kindly, and offer a solution in order to fix their problem. If you can’t offer a solution, then remedy the situation in other ways (such as vouchers). This will show your followers that your company strives to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Even if your customers’ question may seem small, make sure you respond, and do so in a timely manner.

Monthly giveaways and incentives


Everyone loves free giveaways (even if it is something small). Bloggers are particularly good at offering giveaways and incentives to their followers.

However, Twitter is also a great forum to reach out to people and offer the same perks. Simply require that everyone who enters the giveaway/competition has to be a follower.

But make sure you keep those followers by continuing to offer them engaging content after the competition has finished!

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