Using social media to monitor your customers and prospects is easy using Twitter. I wanted to make a short video explaining how to build a list in Twitter of companies, people and employees that will get you started in the process. Getting to know your customers through social media is a great way to keep up to dates on the things that matter most to them. A best practice for sales people that are leveraging social media and sales intelligence to find new prospects is to follow and communicate with them through networks like Twitter. Building lists of people lets you listen to smaller groups and engage with them on a more scalable level.

You can create a separate list on Twitter for all prospects or in some cases I’ve seen sales people that have created a complete list for XYZ Company with the corporate twitter feed and all the employees so they can get even more insights to the company and culture they are working with.

Building a list in Twitter is made even easier when forward thinking companies have their own lists of employees like this example of InsideView employee Twitter feeds. This is typically done by companies that want to encourage social media use across the organization.