Report The Profile That’s Pretending To Be Me!

Dude! Seriously, no one else could EVER be THIS sexy! So let’s knock off the impersonation stuff and you get your own gig, capiche?

Ever had one of those days?

Lately I’ve had one of those MONTHS! Recently I blogged about reporting impersonations that are occurring on Facebook… but now my trouble has moved to Twitter (and it can happen to you too!)

As amusing as the word doppelganger is most of us would rather not have one… its rather creepy.

In my case… its getting downright annoying! Last week my friend Neal Schaffer, from Windmill Networking, tweeted me to ask if I had a identical twin sister with a boys name… I said what???

After a moment of confusion I open the account labeled Mahalalr…. oh boy… (or girl!) Oh hell! Greg’s just jealous… I’m sexier than he is! I’m telling ya, the worlds not big enough for two of us to be this damn sexy… he’s gotta go! Fortunately, twitter makes reporting an impersonation relatively straight forward. Filling out the “I’m being impersonated” ticket/form isn’t terribly difficult and actually seems more thorough than the three click process used by Facebook. Pay careful attention to provide them with all the information they ask for including, from the first link, your name/address/phone number/twitterID.

And that, my dear, is how you tell idiots to get lost the right way! That’s right, pretending to be ME will get ya reported! Twitter can’t stand any more sexiness than this at once! ;)

Have you ever had trouble with an imposter on Twitter? Share your thoughts below!