Finding leads on Twitter is both skill and art–one that involves creating relevant relationships and conversations.

creating a twitter social selling strategy

According to a recent study, Twitter was found to be the number one social selling tool for sales representatives looking to take advantage of social selling to exceed sales quotas. This finding makes the idea that LinkedIn is the best tool for social selling and lead generation a bit of gainsay.

FindInG and Connect With Leads on Twitter

Monitor Lists

To get started with finding and connecting with leads on twitter there is the need to create a social monitoring and social listening strategy. Think of social listening just as a normal conversation. Usually, if you want to be better at contributing to a conversation, you also have to be willing to listen and absorb the other person has to say. Start with monitoring targeted lists in the form of keywords to help you know what to say when trying to find the right people.

Once you have the keywords or industries that you will like to target, you will need to have a social monitoring tool for tracking conversations. Examples of popular social monitoring tools include, TweetDeck (free) and HootSuite (free for a limited number of accounts). The goal with monitoring these lists is to discover industry trends that can serve as an entry point for you to jump into conversations. Interjecting into conversations on Twitter can come in different formats for example, if you find that the industry that you are targeting talks about a problem that your solution solves, you could send a link to an informative post on your blog on how you solve the problem. If you don’t already have a blog post or content material that speaks to that problem, you could create something new.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are really great ways to not only connect with your target audience on Twitter but to also get found. When choosing hashtags, try to find existing hashtags that are already used by others at first. This makes it easier for other people to discover your tweets. Once you start getting the right responses and followers, you can create and promote your own hashtags if you wish. For ideas, see post on how to use existing hashtags to your benefit here.

Qualifying Leads from Twitter [FlowChart]

Your work is half done, once you start to identify the audience that you want to talk to and start having meaningful conversations. With Twitter, there is the need to really weed out people who may not be qualified leads in order for you to get your desired results. Use this flowchart from LeadSift to help you with ranking and qualifying leads on Twitter.

infographic finding leads on twitter