If you run a blog or business, you know how important it is to be active on social media. Not only is it where a lot of your target audience hangs out, but it’s also an excellent method for reaching out and connecting with them.

In social media marketing, Twitter is one of the most popular platforms you can use to grow your following and build your brand’s reputation. It boasts more than 320 million monthly active users, so if you aren’t using the platform to grow your audience and reach out to users, you’re missing out on conversions.

If you want to increase engagement with your followers on Twitter, here’s how to get started.

Add images

It’s no secret that visual content performs well with users and sparks engagement. A study by Buffer found that tweets with images receive 150 percent more retweets than those without, proving that social media users love to consume and interact with visual content.

This could be anything from infographics to user-generated content to photographs. Even if it’s one image in a single tweet, that’s enough to intrigue users and make them want to give your tweet a second glance.

Create a poll

A great way to increase engagement while finding out more about your audience is by asking them directly. Fortunately1 for you, Twitter makes this easy. It allows you to set up polls to ask your followers questions so that you can gain feedback and improve your engagement strategy. The more you know about your audience, the better off you’ll be in terms of interaction.

Setting up a Twitter poll is easy. First, click on the text box and you’ll see the poll icon.

From here, you can create your question and type in the possible answer choices. You have up to four you can use.

It also lets you decide how long you want your poll to run for, which you can do for as little as five minutes up to seven days.

It’s important when running a poll to analyze your results so you know what you can improve on, what new content you can create, and what solutions you can bring your audience.

Interact with users

It may seem like a no-brainer to talk to your followers when they reach out to you, but surprisingly, a lot of brands avoid this and end up losing out on opportunities to engage with their audience. When people see brands responding to them, whether it’s a complaint, compliment, or just a regular comment, it shows them that you’re sincere in your efforts to solve their problems and be friendly.

Take a look at how JetBlue Airways, an airline company, interacts with users who have reached out to them:

Image source

In a Sprout Social survey, 90 percent of users said they reach out and engage with brands and businesses through social media. If you’re ignoring tweets coming your way, then you’re also missing out on an opportunity to boost your Twitter account’s engagement levels. If you want your social media to thrive, you need to put in the work with your audience, and that starts by interacting with their tweets.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are an absolute must if you’re trying to expand your reach on Twitter or any social platform for that matter. They’re useful because they can lead your target audience straight to your content and lead you straight to the people you’re targeting to. They also tell you the latest news going on in your industry, the current trends, and what people in your market are struggling with so that hopefully you can bring them closer to a solution.

You can create a branded hashtag specific to your business so that users know it’s related to you when they see it. This will help you stand out from the competition and make your brand stand out against the competition.

Coca Cola is known for their #shareacoke campaign and users know exactly which brand it refers to:

Image source

You can use a tool like Hashtags.org to show you analytics for keywords from the last 24 hours. It lets you see what times of the day those hashtags gain the most traction so you know when to post.

Wrapping up

Twitter engagement is useful for any brand and can skyrocket your conversions, so it’s important to have a strategy to keep them interested in your content. The best way to go about this is by adding visual imagery, using the right hashtags, creating polls, and responding to users’ tweets. These tips are simple yet effective and are guaranteed to gain you more followers as well as interaction so your engagement levels soar. How will you increase your Twitter engagement?