How to Grow a Responsive Twitter AudienceMaking use of Twitter as a marketing-engagement tool, will help you connect to your target audience very fast, given that each tweet needs only 140 characters of imagination, and takes no time at all.

You do not have to invest hours of time sending updates on other social media networks to hit your target audience.

On Twitter, you can send out hundreds of tweets per hour and repost old tweets a couple of times each day to establish your own Twitter marketing klout, and share your “value first” content.

It’s super easy to tweet, share, comment, reply, re-tweet, favorite and build a huge audience on this one social media platform.

Twitter is the most social-media-friendly social network for striving entrepreneurs. I grew over 100K followers by engaging often, re-tweeting and sharing my value packed content and tweets.

Let’s see how you can grow a Twitter audience with these tips i use.

Here are my top 5 ways to grow a massive Twitter following:

1. Twitter Marketing Quality: Tweet Value

One sure way to getting more followers is sharing your trip images, something cool, or possibly you send out a couple of motivating, value packed tweets each hour to your target audience. Keep your tweet value high, and never ever tweet trash if you want to build an audience of loyal followers who you can interact with, and share idea’s with new people.

What not to do, is send silly updates all the time or take part in negative, nasty, dull or even lame tweets. Some fools tweet bad content and anticipate to bring in a load of followers in a short period of time. People online are not stupid, so tweet quality on good topics related to marketing, or whatever niche your in.

Tweeting value makes you appealing to your target audience as your the goto, guy or gal, with good tweets to share.

2. Twitter Marketing Schedule: Tweet Hourly

Tweeting each hour to enhance your Twitter marketing ends up being a breeze if you engage often. You can send 5 tweets immediately if you react to as many @replies as possible. Each 5 or 10 tweets enhances your presence and draws in an enormous, targeted following with time, it’s not going to be a million followers overnight, trust me.

You have to dedicate yourself to using Twitter marketing wisely. Remain in the stream without clogging up people’s Twitter streams up with useless, uninteresting tweets. Dedicate to tweeting and sharing stuff to help people, and tweeting regularly.

Some people tweet every hour by using this strategy. If you are wise you see twitter as one of the best social media networks and you acquire more twitter followers by keeping yourself in the stream with value packed tweets, and regular tweeting. Nothing negative either.

Twitter marketing focuses on helping people with whatever they need helping with. Holding this concept in mind, you never desire to waste time on the micro blogging platform, trying to snag more followers by fanatically tweeting each hour of the day.

Be consistent and appear daily. If you appear everyday your Twitter marketing is improved to a strong, regimented tweet structure, which can catapult your klout and brand to the stratosphere.

How often do you tweet? And what do you tweet?

I recommend per hour tweeting, however, understand some people feel this is excessive and spammy. Keep in mind that your followers come from all over the world; if you can dedicate to tweeting per hour you can reach followers in the United States, or Austrailia or the UK.

Twitter Marketing Bonus Tip – Be in the stream of things

Twitter tips and growing a audience also needs to focus on conserving you time, on other things in business that produce revenue. Making use of wordpress plugins or other sharing tools help keep you in the stream and automate things to be more efficient.

I automate often to set myself up for when i go out for the day, and i remain in the stream and draw in more followers by tweeting per hour or atleast 3 times a day.

Some more great tips…

  • Sharing Great Content on Twitter is a big one, if you want people to follow you you need to share quality not rubbish.
  • If you speak at any events where you have 300 people attending, always say at the start follow me on Twitter usually 50% of the crowd will use Twitter so you can easily get a huge mass. Also say any questions please ask me on Twitter.
  • Link to your Twitter account where ever possible.
  • Always try to get included in “top influencer on Twitter” style posts. You can get a huge amount of followers from them.
  • Always use the Twitter tweet box and Twitter Follow buttons on your websites and blogs you can gather many followers from that.
  • Always try to gain re-tweets and reply’s from big players in your niche.
  • Engage with social industry influencers by participating in weekly/regular chat discussions (e.g. #semrushchat, #influencerchat)

3. Twitter Marketing Etiquette: Follow Back

Following back is frowned upon by twitter professionals (i’m terrible for this). These so-called “professionals” feel that Twitter marketing is everything about following people “deserving” of a follow back, however, the “IN” crowd fails to recognize that twitter is a numbers game. You get lots of followers in a short period of time with a “follow back” you simply enhanced the possibility that you can bring in readers, or more blog readers, more customers, more new people to interact with.

Following back is the most easiest method to create more Twitter followers in a short time span, due to the fact that lots of people DO follow back.

One thing i notice, is that “Famous” types never ever follow back, however, unless you are well-known you will certainly have a hard time getting Twitter pals, if you choose not to follow back.

Your goal remains to follow back everybody to boost your follower count, while of course developing relationships with a many followers as possible.

One thing i do differently, is i don’t follow back people selling Twitter followers or sometimes business accounts that have a large following with next to nothing for who “they are following”. Most the time their totally automated.

If you follow back you will note your follower count jumping by 10, 20, 50, or even 100 people each day as you attract a larger audience each day, i’ve seen as much as 400 per day using this method.

4. Twitter Marketing Interaction: Engage Frequently

This one Twitter marketing idea can promote your online success so fast you won’t believe it. The simple part of engaging is that you just have to reply to people, read their blog post or help them in some way. You can offer the best responses to concerns after enhancing your understand, however the fundamentals of engaging are simple, a child can do it.

Thank people who retweet your content to establish more powerful bonds with your followers. Revealing your appreciation makes you stand apart from the faceless twitter crowd, or the masses of folks who are too hectic to stop and thank people. It’s all about giving, not taking.

You thank people, support people, ask for assistance, ask good questions and offer responses, to show to people that you are human. Twitter marketing bots turn off practically every fan; you will certainly see a huge jump in people unfollowing you if you automate too many updates.

Ask questions to stimulate the interest of your twitter followers. Give time for responses so people on twitter can see that you are an excited listener.

5. Twitter Marketing Promotion: Retweet

Make the effort to broaden your twitter marketing or engagement by “retweeting” other people’s content. It’s really easy and when you retweet people’s tweets from a chat group like #semrush, #influencerchat , are good places to hangout and start a conversion.

See yourself sending 30 retweets every day. If just 15 or 20 of the people you tweeted, retweet you in return, you simply presented yourself to 15 or 20 brand-new audiences, or possibly you are being re-established to these audiences, as you develop your brand and enhance your online exposure.

Smart Tweeters recognize that twitter is everything about providing value prior to getting. Send retweets as regularly as possible through the day. If you can merely help people, and lots of people return the tweet, assisting you by broadening your Twitter klout.

Re-tweeting people makes you popular on the micro blogging platform, in no time. Individuals like kind, charitable tweeters who fast to support other folks by retweeting. The easy act of re-tweeting needs you to push 1 button and 2nd it broadens your presence rapidly.

Do you use these 5 effective twitter marketing methods? Or maybe some of them?

What pointers can you contribute to this conversation?

How can you much better reach your target market through Twitter marketing?