I know you’re desperate to gain Twitter followers to increase your reach and brag about it!

And you might be tempted to cut the journey short and buy followers for quick results!

But take a pause, and think again, buying followers can be a dangerous tactic and could decrease engagement considerably and ruin your brand’s reputation. We want you to get maximum real and loyal followers to build a long-lasting relationship.

For you to understand what the popular creative marketers are doing, this detailed guide will cover everything you need to know from the setting, updating your account profile, to shooting posts, and Twitter chats to grow real Twitter followers.

A quick overview of the guide:

  1. Optimize Profile to attract followers
  2. Experiment with the time to tweet
  3. Tweet and retweet
  4. Include visuals and videos
  5. Interact more than ever
  6. Use relevant keywords and hashtags
  7. Creativity
  8. Make shout outs

Now let’s go through all these points in detail:

1. Optimize Profile to attract followers

A glance at your profile is all it takes for someone to follow you. Work on your profile to make this first impression great. Make sure to fill everything out and upload a great profile picture that catches people’s attention.

In addition to your marketing strategy, you can follow a few basic steps to make your profile exotic to fetch new followers.

Profile photo: Select a clean photo with face visibility 100% to improve the presentation. People find it more comfortable to interact when they know whom they are talking to.

Detail Information: Use the most relevant and industry precise keyword to make your profile visible to people in your field. Fill all important sections including describing what you do, your current title, the company you work with, and where your precise location is.

Image source – Twitter

2. Experiment with the time to tweet

A study was conducted by Dan Zarrella – The Science of Retweets, it depicted the best timing to tweet, but you might or might not fit into the audience sample space used by many researchers. Hence, it’s better to experiment yourself and follow more precise statistics. Your target audience is unique to your business, experimenting with the timings yourself will give you better analytics.

Image source: danzarrella

Plan a weekly schedule to experiment and test with your tweets. Scheduling your tweets makes them appear consistent and predictable for your followers. Followers gradually grow habitual to your high-quality and well-timed content which also leads to more followers.

3. Tweet and retweet

Twitter is the platform that functions on quick news with a high quantity of posts thriving on your engagement. It’s not a social media network that entices users to scroll much. Hence, you have to stay in the race by tweeting consistently, to keep your current followers intact and attract more.

Twitter is like one huge chat moving in hundreds of different directions at once. One tweet can lead to multiple tweets, and before you know it, your target audience has discovered your brand. This way you are more likely to get followed without doing much.

Image source: Twitter

According to data, the more tweets an account has, the better the possibility of higher followers. Retweet the posts that did well in the past to highlight your best content. It is a great way to get more traffic from past work unless it is not misused at large.

4. Include visuals and videos more than ever

The users on Twitter don’t lack the reading material but the content that can grab their attention. There is loads of content on Twitter, and you surely don’t want to blur out in the background. Make sure you not only write concise posts but also, add images and videos to improve your engagement rate.

Your visually appealing content is over 10 times more likely to grab the attention of your audiences like gif, video, or graphics. People decide to follow an account in a few seconds based on the content that glues them to the account. Take efforts to make these few seconds impressive enough for the users to get sensible, and unique content.

5. Interact more than ever

If you worked hard to create quality content, the next most important step is to interact with people. Increase engagement on your account by responding to user’s comments to nourish your budding relationship. Users tend to incline towards the personal touch and continue to follow you.

You have to be a bit conscious that everyone on Twitter can see your tweets, so tweet wisely to create a valuable image of your account. You must be aware of a few do and don’t while interacting on Twitter chats:

  • Keep a sensible and positive tone on responses without undermining anyone’s opinion and feelings.
  • Don’t hijack your Twitter chat, let others interact for a fruitful discussion with varying perspectives.

Twitter chats are one of the simple ways to find people with similar interests and gain organic followers.

6. Use relevant keywords and hashtags

Hashtags allow your tweet to be easily searchable, so people can find your content even if they are not following you. This increases your reach by expanding your horizon beyond your current followers. If they like what they see, they will most likely click on “follow”.

Use hashtags related precisely to your profession to benefit your business or career. You can use the hashtags either in the tweet or stack them at the end due to the constraints of the character limit.

Keywords play a significant role to build a Twitter network with similar professions and fields of interest. While hashtags aim to reach a larger audience, keywords work to locate this target audience. Hence, it is important to include keywords in your profile.

7. Creativity

The unique features of your content have no substitute with any other copied material in the market. You have to be creative with your Twitter profile, to give a more personal touch to your viewers.

Brainstorm the models, you would like to follow for your unique identity.

Are you funny? Fill your profile with humor.

Image Source: Twitter

Are you sarcastic? Go with a pinch of sarcasm.

Check out other similar Twitter accounts in your industry to get more creative ideas for your account.

8. Make Shout Outs

Make your account visible to other brands in the industry to fetch more followers. One way to capture other brands’ audiences is by mentioning them in your tweets. Shout outs will allow their audience to see your content, and if they’re even slightly interested in your purpose, they might end up following you.

You can also leave links to your latest post in your bio to highlight your current stories.

Concluding Remarks

Getting more Twitter followers is no rocket science, and anyone with zero budget can follow these simple tactics. In this article, we have walked through 8 simple ways how to get real followers on Twitter. We’ve outlined the organic strategies to boost your Twitter followers in the most subtle way.

A social media strategy will help you achieve followers quickly and it will allow you to be consistent in the journey. You will start getting better results, once people start noticing and appreciating your efforts and strategy.

So, what points are you planning to add to your list?

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