Did it ever disappoint you when your tweets, no matter how good they are, do not get the likes and retweets they deserve? Well, it’s not your fault and it’s not just you.

A study conducted by Sysomos, Canada-based social media analytics and market research company, in 2010 found that 71 percent of tweets are ignored that get absolutely no response.

Of nearly 190 million monetizable daily active users all over the world, 12 percent use the social media platform to get their news and over half a billion tweets are sent every day.

With so many tweeps sharing content, engaging with their fellow Twitterati, and vying for attention every single day, the chances of getting the desired likes and retweets are slim for many users (unless one is an influencer or a celebrity, who get plenty of likes and retweets even for some of their inane tweets.)

Despite your best intention to share content and connect with your followers, it can be frustrating to invest time on the social media platform if you don’t get the desired twitter engagement or adequate likes and retweets.

Why Are Retweets Important?

Retweets take your content far and wide and make them visible to the followers of your followers. The more retweets you get, the higher is your chance of getting more reach and Twitter impressions.

Retweets provide you a great opportunity to increase your reach and popularity as well as generate higher traffic to your website or blog page. But is there a way one can get more retweets without being a famous personality? Indeed, there is and we have listed out the steps in this blog post that will help you get more retweets.

How To Get More Retweets

Evaluate how your tweets are performing

You can know the performance of your Twitter account by using Twitter Analytics. Using that, you can track your tweet activity in granular details or at a glance. It will show you the total number of likes, replies, retweets, follows, as well as the number of times a user engaged with a tweet.

You can use Socialert Twitter analytics tool to assess key information about the performance of your Twitter account. The tool will show you the most liked, replied, and retweeted tweets as well as the users who engage with your content the most. It will also give you key insights into your audience and perform a twitter audit of twitter account, which will enable you to create your posts accordingly.

Use colorful and attractive images

Colorful images are more attractive and tweetable compared to plain texts or numbers. Consistent visuals and eye-catching images add so great value to tweets.

The color should be consistent, pleasant, and get along well with your brand image.

Most top design influencers and graphic designers recommend bold colors as they dominate the visual trends and catch people’s attention better than dull or generic colors.

You can also consider using original illustrations to make complex ideas or products accessible and understandable to a layperson as short, crisp, and simple posts have higher retweet potential. This will also make your brand and products seem more accessible, authentic, and human.

Add infographics for more value addition

While we remember only a little of what we read, we retain a majority of information communicated visually.

If you need to convey data or complex information to your audience, you must consider using visual data and infographics. Being a visual representation of data, infographics are concise, clear, and easy to understand.

Tweets with infographics draw the attention of your followers, educate them, and encourage them to share them with their followers. This increases the tweets’ likelihood of getting more retweets and enhancing their engagement rate.

Personalization of tweets

In December last year, Isabella Turchetta, a product manager at Twitter, announced the social network will personalize funny and interesting tweets and recommend them to users based on their earlier likes and retweets. To accomplish this, the platform is using machine learning to study and understand emojis and how people react to them.

You can personalize your tweets by using the right emojis, memes, and content, which people find funny and engaging. If you succeed in doing that, machine learning will grab your tweets and show them to the people who look for similar content and have reacted to them.

You can also personalize your tweets for your followers, target audience, and customers by crafting content with the text and images they like to engage with and love to share with their friends and followers.

Understand the Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics gives a clear picture of the response of the audiences to your tweets. The Tweet data enables you to understand your followers and optimize your future Twitter campaigns to get better results. The account home features high-level statistics and highlights top-performing Tweets. It also introduces you to the influencers in your network.

Tweet activity dashboard has the metrics for every single tweet and it shows exactly how many people have viewed, liked, replied to, and retweeted each tweet. You can also filter promoted-only tweets.

The Video activity dashboard shows the view rate, retention, and completion rate for all of your videos on the social media platform. This also allows you to filter by promoted views on videos.

Twitter analytics also allows you to analyze your Twitter ads campaigns by using a campaign dashboard and conversion tracking. Campaign dashboard displays cost-per-result, engagement rate, impressions, and results. Conversion tracking tracks the actions of people after they view or engage with your ads on the social media platform.

Understand your audience

By understanding your audience you will be able to find out what tweets, messages, and content they care about and may want to see. This will help you develop the appropriate tone and voice for your message.

You can get a better understanding of your followers and target audience by finding out what types of content they like to view and engage with. Your followers may vary in several ways, but they all have something in common. The interest to learn, the need to find solutions to some problems, the desire to have a moment of relaxation and happiness is there in everyone.

The most popular tweets have something that resonates with most users and encourages them to take action. You must find what your target audience may love to see and how it can add value to their lives and weave your content as per that. As you tweet, try your best to teach something new, make your audience smile, and give a dash of positivity to them.

Target hashtags

Using targeted and relevant hashtags on your tweets and images is one of the best ways to enhance their reach and make them accessible to those who are interested in the topic and content. Tweets with hashtags are more likely to be retweeted and successful Twitterati and companies use relevant hashtags. In a Microsoft Research study of 203,371 retweets, conducted in 2010, 18 percent of them had #hashtags.

There are a few types of hashtags every Twitter user must know, which are as follows:

  • Industry hashtags—these are relevant to the industry you are in and the clients you serve; for example, #blogger
  • Niche hashtags—these are relevant to your specialty in the industry and the target audience you are trying to reach; for instance, #travelblogger
  • Brand hashtags—these are relevant to the brands in your industry; an example is #LonelyPlanet
  • Community hashtags—these are relevant to the community you want to engage with; for example, #goabackpackers
  • Location hashtag—these are relevant to the place(s) you want your target audience to engage with; some examples are #India #Himalayas
  • Celebrations or events hashtags—these are relevant to celebrations or events, which you are tweeting about; #NewYear2021 #TravelStorytelling2021

Twitter hashtag search tool can help you look out for the hashtags and the related ones that are being used by people in your industry. It can also generate a complete report for your account keywords, or hashtags.

Use retweet buttons for quick CTAs

Be it getting more retweets and attracting more visitors to your website or blog to enhancing conversion rates and generating sales, an effective call to action (CTA) is crucial in achieving your desired results. An effective CTA does not tell people what to do, but why they should do it.

You can create strong CTAs by choosing strong words, keeping the post conversational and engaging, giving a sense of urgency to the message, clearly explaining the benefits for the target audience or viewers, and guiding them to the link.

Use online tools to draw Twitter strategy

Developing a good Twitter brand strategy with exact goals in mind is the key to measurable results. There are some online tools such as agorapulse to help you with chalking out a strong strategy. The reports offered by the tools will enable you to draw the best strategies for your tweets and marketing campaigns.

They can also identify active users and key influencers around your brand and develop the right strategy for your brand.


Isn’t it a great feeling when you see the notification that some of your followers retweeted your tweets on their social media accounts? It sure is. Retweets give your tweets the ability to reach a large number of Twitter users, who may get the same value that your followers got. This will provide you with the opportunity to build new connections and gain new followers.

By investing a little time and money to know the art and science of getting more retweets, you can provide a lot of value to your brand to your followers and people on the social network.