Creating the perfect Twitter profile is much like creating the best curbside impression for your home. Like a home, you want to impress visitors with your outside view. You also want to fill the rooms in your home with equally impressive accoutrements to support your personal brand!

It is important to have a twitterific Twitter profile, since customers and prospects will ‘visit you’ there to check out your social brand! This advice applies whether you are a craft brewery or an executive as SAP! And, much like a home that is on open house, the outside curb appeal is as defining as what’s contained in the home’s inside rooms and closets! You cannot begin a social conversation, whether you are a brand or an individual, unless your Twitter profile is terrific and tremendous! Otherwise, your messaging may fall on deaf ears when the formerly impressed audience leaves unimpressed when they see your profile pic is an egg and your pictures are all of your attendance of “that” party.

Twitter Profile Research

  • Location. Only 66% of Twitter users accurately complete the “location” field of their profile, notes a PARC research study. The other 34% are missing out on the ability to be found by those searching for these users
  • Profile Picture. Hubspot reports that Twitter profiles with a picture have 10 times more
  • Twitter Bio. Twitter profiles make you more discoverable by Google, which will increase your “findability” and increase your brand’s reach

How To Build The Perfect Twitter Profile

Many are surprised that there is more to creating and managing the perfect Twitter profile than getting a handle, uploading a picture and putting a few descriptive words. Follow this social branding blueprint to make your Twitter profile shine!

Do you have a Twitter profile tip or trick that you can share? If so, please note them below or reach out to me directly at And, go figure, I can be found on Twitter @GerryMoran!

Twitter Marketing Tips

Here are three articles that will help you with some other aspects of making your Twitter marketing and branding better:

If you follow this blueprint to build the perfect Twitter profile you will brand’s curbside appeal and your efforts will return a better social brand, more followers and a bigger impact of your messaging and content.