When Reliance Mobile partnered with Google for a two-year collaboration to exclusively market Android devices in India, it launched with the ‘Be Blue’ campaign to announce this partnership. Be Blue started off with the green Android bots wanting to turn blue in a series of commercials as well as a Facebook application where fans could turn their personalised Android bots from green to blue through gamification of Facebook features.

In all this buzz creation, Twitter was not left behind. Twitter was smartly employed to reach out to more than 8.1 million. Here, we bring you this exciting case study by MindShift Interactive, the social media agency behind this massive effort.

Campaign Objective:

  • Raise buzz about the Reliance-Android ‘Be Blue’ campaign
  • Get India #FeelingBlue, shifting mindsets towards making it a happy statement
  • Progressively create a brand connect

The main strategy for the campaign was to capitalize upon the mundane Monday mornings and shift the feelings associated with blue from sad to happy. With this in mind, MindShift started a generic hashtag #feelingblue on a Monday morning at around 10:00 am on May 28. More than 800 tweets were generated in less than an hour. The important thing to note here is that the brands Twitter account was not yet associated with the hashtag. Twitteraties tagged their tweets with #feelingblue as a majority did not seem to like Monday mornings and associated #feelingblue moments around deadlines, hangovers, the boss and getting late to work.


Other brands also jumped in to leverage on its popularity.


Soon, a wave of curiosity started sweeping through twitteraties. Everybody wanted to know the origin of #feelingblue. By 12:00 pm, most twitteraties cheered up and began to tweet how great it is to be #feelingblue!


A little later, tweets by online influencers with the hashtag #feelingblue announced contests inviting twitteraties to share their happy, shiny #feelingblue moment and win Samsung Android phones.


There were more than 4000 entries for #feeling blue contest. With all this buzz, #feelingblue became the top trending topic from May 28 11:30 am until May 29 in India as well as six major Indian cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.


Following this successful buzz creation, Reliance Mobile jumped into the picture, revealing the secret behind #feelingblue and also spreading the message to be on Reliance 3G for the best Android experience. The winners were happy with this revelation of #feelingblue and soon @RelianceMobile had started trending when twitteraties finally became aware of the Reliance-Android tie up.


The #feelingblue campaign results in a snapshot:

  • Total outreach: 8.1 million (81,26,612)
  • Tweets generated: 7755
  • Twitteraties used #feelingblue: 930+
  • Impressions (via tweets): 72,12,150
  • Audience reach (via accounts): 3,05,271+
  • Audience reach (via followers): 6,09,191+
  • Trended in India for over 24 hours and worldwide at no.2

feeling-blue top trending topic

So what do you think about #feelingblue?