Who doesn’t want to gain 1,000 Twitter followers in a single day? And I’m not talking about something cheap like paying for followers or finding a bunch of accounts with auto re-follow enabled. Those kinds of followers add nothing of value; what you want, and what you need, is an influx of organic Twitter fans who are going to hang on your every word and re-tweet your content for their networks to see.

You won’t get that with cheap tricks or $17/1000 follower schemes, but you can do it by making free information about your specialty topic available. This past Saturday, I gained 1,000 followers in less than 12 hours. Wanna know how?

Well, I’ll Tell You: Give Information Away for Free

Recently, as I have mentioned in some previous posts, I presented a seminar at Social Media Day Miami. Social Media Day is the brainchild of Mashable, the noteworthy tech magazine, and events were held all over the world to bring together social media users, marketers, developers, and basically anyone with an interest in the past, present, and future of online connectivity.

My presentation was on neuromarketing, a topic that I’ve become more and more involved with recently. Specifically, I discussed how a few basic principles of neuromarketing can be applied to social media campaigns. I knew the presentation would go well, but I did not expect how well it would go, and to make a short story shorter, I ended up gaining more than 1,000 followers on Twitter, 30+ fresh subscribers to my newsletter, and more than a dozen warm leads on new business. I wanted to assess why this happened, so I dissected my success into 5 main principles that you can walk away with and apply to your own self-promotional activities, whether they be events, lectures, books, or any other content that highlights your expertise and services.

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