June 30th 2015 was exactly a second longer than most days. So instead of the day ending at 23:59:59, the clocks were moved to 23:59:60 and then came the next day. That is called a leap second! This has been the 27th adjustment since the practice began in 1972, reason being to keep our clocks in sync with Earth’s rotation which now takes a bit longer than 24 hours.

You’re wondering why you are getting this geography lesson and how is this connected to social media? Getting to the point, the most recent leap second in 2012 caused a glitch in software’s run by websites like Reddit, Gawker, and LinkedIn. This time most of the websites are better prepared to account that extra second.

Twitter gives brands an opportunity to showcase the creative self by incorporating the trending topics in their content strategy to stay relevant and engage with their audiences in-turn. That is exactly what brands did on this social channel and leaped onto that last second. Let’s take a look at how they leveraged this extra second, Tick Tock Tick Tock (Tick)!

Pushing Products

Most brands made use of this event as a way to push their products to a wider audience, through the tweets they sent out in real time. Take a look at the examples below of how brilliantly they’ve undertaken it. As you can see in the visuals brands are showcasing their product features, providing solutions of how you can enjoy that extra second, promoting themselves and trying to increase donations.

Asking Questions

Some brands took this opportunity to increase their interaction with audiences, by asking questions of how they will be spending their extra second. Asking questions is a great way to steer up conversations as you’re taking your time out and want to know what your audiences think.


These three brands below you can see took the route of challenging and simply entertaining their audiences through means of GIFs and videos. You don’t always have to be salesly or pushy, sometimes just entertain and leave it at that.

Isn’t it a cool way to successfully connecting with your audience using a trending topic on Twitter. With this move, not only will you gain increased exposure, awareness and reach but also your brand will stand out amongst the rest.

I am sure this isn’t a exhaustive list, did you come across any other brands which rocked the Leap Second in real-time on Twitter? Do share your insights with us in the comments below.