Though the audience is large, and the name ubiquitous, the secret to Twitter success still eludes many. Already providing the why, here is the #howto on maximizing your engagements and impressions, 140-characters at a time.

  • Attribution: Everyone wants acknowledgement on Twitter. While nothing says I love you like a retweet, nothing says “Thank you” like a shout out to the person who created the content you are sharing. If we follow the social media rule of thirds, sharing content authored by others in your industry and affecting your industry is a part of your content strategy. When you are sharing articles or images, don’t just click the share button, take the time to look for a link to their author profile or check Twitter directly for a profile. Don’t click send on that tweet until you have included: the author Twitter handle, the publication Twitter handle and the Twitter handle of a key person mentioned in the article (as much as the character limit will allow). Start including the Twitter handles and the amount of favorites and retweets amassed daily will increase.

  • Hashtags: Hashtags help to group your tweets with others on the same topic. If you are tweeting about a popular subject, include the relevant hashtag in all tweets. If the topic is popular enough in real-time, you can join a trending conversation. (Always cool the first time it happens.) If you are not sure how to confirm the correct hashtags, there are several tools you can use. Results are easily verified by going to Twitter and watching the conversation unfold. If there is no conversation, then try another hashtag.

    Additionally, there are certain Twitter profiles that will automatically retweet messages that have certain hashtags. If you can find these, these are gold mines as they often have thousands of followers just waiting to see your tweet and follow you too. Check out @MakeupTweeter, @SkinCareShare; feel free to share any you may know and use below in the comments section.

    • Images: It’s widely reported that tweets with images have a higher engagement rate, than tweets without. Add something more to your timeline and by including a relevant image, gif, or video. Use the Who’s in this photo? feature to further engage with other users.


High-five gifs are some of my favorites.

Twitter is a great channel because by just by adding these small elements in your 140-character tweet, you reaches across the globe and touch strangers, instantly. Done correctly gratification quickly follows, but it takes time to select just the right puzzle pieces to give your tweet the best chance at prompting engagement.

Start including my tips today and let me know how it works out for you. Good luck!