We all love using Twitter to make sure our followers and fan base can hear from us as much as possible or necessary. But sometimes, that fan base might not be so large and it can be hard to get that number of followers to grow. Here are some tips to make sure your audience is engaged and growing.

1. Start tweeting all too regularly – Having enough content on your Twitter will helpTwitter following
establish your credibility.  When people see a page chock full of information that interests them, they’re more likely to follow it. Keep up the good first impressions.

2. Follow, follow, follow! – Once you’ve added enough activity to your page, start following as many people as you can who are somewhat related to your industry circles or what you do. The idea is to get them to look at your page, see your great content and then follow you back. Do some research on other organizations or companies like yours and give them a follow.

3. Make use of hashtags – Using hashtags is the simplest way to connect yourself to countless other people that you might have never come across. They allow you to search through topics of discussion that are taking place and find those who you deem most relevant.  This will help you connect with the people you’re looking for and to have others find you among discussions.

4. Share quality content – While posting regularly and often to Twitter is important for success via that medium, make sure it’s something worth reading each and every time. Your followers chose to follow you for a reason, because your content interests them. Keep it consistent and make sure it’s always relevant to the kind of message you want to send and the kind of followers you’re working to attract. After all, you want people to share your content as often as possible, so make sure it’s something worth sharing!

5. Keep at it! – Following these tips won’t mean a thing if you only take time to use them once in a while.  Make sure you’re replying to people who tag you in tweets in a timely manner.  Sometimes just thanking someone for mentioning you is a nice gesture. Keep up with your new followers.  Be sure to follow the relevant ones and keep your list growing. Without a commitment, you won’t be yielding many results.

Twitter is a fantastic platform to share your knowledge and thoughts with your industry, fans and customers. It’s a place where it’s okay, and even encouraged, to post several times a day to build a significant presence.  Use those hashtags, connect with other people, and always remember quality AND quantity in this case.

Do you have any other tricks that you like to use on Twitter?  Share them in the comments section below!