Twitter – the diary of the twenty-first century where all of us write what we feel on a certain topic, describe how our day went or just say something that caught our attention. The only difference between this social network and the old-fashioned diary is, of course, the fact that the whole world is watching. Yes. We all join Twitter (although some may not admit it or joined it for a different purpose) to connect with people, to be ‘in’ and share ideas with one of the biggest communities in the whole wide world.

However, we often find ourselves tweeting in utter, complete silence with no followers to read us or just a few who put one or two likes. If you are still reading, you surely want to step up the game. No more silence and loneliness. It’s time for you to come out into the world and gain an insane amount of followers on Twitter. So, follow me!

The eye of the storm

Palm tree at the hurricane, Blur leaf cause windy and heavy rain

Put yourself in the shoes of a sailor. You’re aboard your ship, having a sip of your rum and your eagle eye spots a huge hurricane forming on the horizon. Like any other sane sailor, you should turn your ship to evade going into the storm. But don’t do that if you’re an aspiring Twitter user who wants to grow their followers. Instead you should go into the hurricane and straight to the eye of the storm.

What I mean by all of that is to go where the hype is. You have to be there when something important or news-worthy happens and you should absolutely tweet about it. To help you out you can use the trends spot on the left side of the screen to see what is currently trending or you can even use the likes of Google Trends or BuzzFeed Trending.

Hashtags are also a must for trending and being on-topic. For all those newbies, hashtags are words that store your tweet into a somewhat of an online community of all people who used that word. For instance, when Beyoncé rocked the world with the release of her new album Lemonade, everyone was tweeting #LEMONADE. It’s an amazing way to get you noticed, seen and promoted.

The song of the bird

bird on branch

Since we talk about tweeting about trending topics, it’s essential to mention that you don’t always have to write about what others are talking. It’s important to just tweet about something you deem relevant. In Internet Live Stats’s words, 7,191 tweets are sent in 1 second. Just one second! Can you believe that?

The increase of visibility on Twitter-presence is proportional to your followers. Raise the bar of tweets – if you tweeted 2 tweets a day, jump to 5 and so on. If you’re out there more often, you will surely get recognized.

Also, spare a retweet or two a day. It’s a nice way to acknowledge someone and plus to start an online relationship with more people. The person you retweeted will see your name when it pops up in the notifications and will probably reward you by checking you out and even pressing the ‘follow’ button.

The big fish

fish swimming

It’s a simple fact in this society that we live in – there are small fish and there are big fish swimming in the ocean and understandably, if the small fish want to succeed, they should follow the big ones and earn some fame on their backs. It might be cruel, but it’s a way to grow your Twitter followers fast.

To illustrate my words, let’s set up an example. Imagine you’re blogging about food and drinks. In this case, the big fish or the influencers in your niche are powerful, great restaurants or other well-established food blogs like i am a food blog. Write to them and that way your tweet is forever attached to theirs and their fans and followers will check you out as well when they see what they posted.

Another interesting way is to quote them. Take some eye-catching and poignant sentence that you like from their blog or site and tweet it. Don’t forget to mention them, so that they see your tweet and start engaging with you. Once you appear on their profile more often, the more attention you’ll get. A piece of cake, right?

Thank you notes

Adhesive note with Thanks text on a bulletin board

There is a custom in Britain where the hosts of the party write thank-you notes to their guests the next day of the party to express their gratitude for attending their event. And speaking of writing to influencers and big fish, you should be prepared when the vice versa happens.

Once you see that someone favorited your tweet, thank them either publicly or in a private message. Someone retweeted you – thank them. Followed you – thank them. Don’t be afraid to spill your emotions and spend some time on writing those thank-you notes. Believe me when I say that it will pay off.

Who doesn’t love presents?

Top view of luxurious red colored present box over wooden background

Exactly! Who doesn’t like to get something for free? No one. And that is why you should stick with that. Another great way to grow your followers fast is to host a giveaway exclusively for your followers. Just simply state that people would have to click the follow button on your account to be eligible to enter the giveaway of an amazing price.

For instance, if you’re a blogger in entertainment, you can gift the latest DVD of a box-office hit movie that everyone wants or a huge poster. However, if you’re just an individual running the profile, you can browse your home and see what you have of value and something that may be interesting for your followers. A book (perhaps signed by the author), some piece of jewelry, some DIY stuff and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Can you believe it that we are at the end? Twitter, as a social media, slowly but surely strives to dominate Earth’s every day. Celebrities compete to ‘break the Internet’ and be the most tweeted about people. While users, on the other hand, are dependent on it for first-hand news and use it as a platform for their ideas. Growing your Twitter followers can be a time-consuming and tiring job, but by implementing some of the above-mentioned points I guarantee you that the follower numbers will jump. Now open a new tab, type in Twitter’s URL and may your adventure begin! Share your story in the comments!