Dig around in strange parts of Twitter long enough, and you’ll be bound to stumble across accounts that aren’t quite human.

Twitter robots are unmanned accounts that compose tweets with the help of clever programming. The bot behind @everyword completed its seven year task in June, tweeting every word in the English language.

Pictures are more powerful than words. Recently, coders have been programming bots to crunch pixels instead of letters. We decided our logo could with an overhaul, but rather than design it ourselves or (gasp!) outsource it, we thought we’d give the job to a robot.

Here are six of the best. Enjoy.


Despite that name, Word Pad Bot doesn’t have much business with words. It reformats images in a wavy, stripy style.

The phrases that accompany each image make the account seem less robotic and more human.


This will tear your image to shreds. Hashtags augment the shredding, allowing for a chunky scramble or a total annihilation of your original image. For more customizability, the creator has provided a comprehensive how-to guide.


Quilts made by robots aren’t very cosy. They’re pretty, though. Quilt has also succeeded in find the most obscure ascii character of all time.


Sorting pixels according to their bit value, this is a much more organized way to view your images. A host of presets can make getting appealing results easier.


Imperfections should be celebrated. When .png pictures go wrong, they can also go so, so right. It’s mesmerizing in its terribleness.


We all mourn the demise of Clip Art. You’d struggle to find a piece of art that isn’t improved by pictures of shaking hands or a business man jumping for joy.

With a single tweet, you can relive the glory.

We can add ‘surreal image manipulation’ to the list of use cases for Twitter. That list is growing longer and stranger by the minute. We make it our priority to listen to where the conversation is moving, no matter how strange and confusing it might become.